Spring Cleaning: Who’s in Charge of Keeping My Office Space Tidy?

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A clean office is a productive office, but sometimes cleaning can be easier said than done when you’re really getting things done at work. Since spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind this time of year, you might be asking yourself, “Who’s in charge of keeping my office space tidy?”This question is all the more common for those renting an office space or working in a shared space (i.e., coworking). While it’s always best to keep one’s personal space neat and clean, it’s not always clear who’s responsible for the overall cleanliness of a work environment.

Let’s discuss the benefits of keeping a clean office and who handles the overall cleaning in an environment like Center 615.

Why You Should Have a Clean Office Space

The Many Benefits of a Clean Office

Keeping a tidy office has many benefits, from the practical to the psychological. On the hunt for an office lease near you but haven’t given cleaning your office much thought yet? Let’s review just a sample of some of the reasons why it’s important to keep your office clean and organized.


Ergonomics refers to all of the things that improve your efficiency at work. Ergonomics covers work issues like posture and office supply organization and can greatly impact productivity. There have been countless studies conducted in the field of ergonomics to determine how to work the most efficiently, and keeping things clean can go a long way toward a productive workspace. Regular office space cleaning can increase your productivity greatly. Organizing your drawers and desktop space and keeping them orderly can reduce the amount of time it takes you to find what you’re looking for. While it might seem like a no-brainer to some, others struggle with basic organization. There’s no shame in being new to organizing, so take some time researching what you can do to keep things orderly or ask your officemates for their best tips and tricks! 


Office safety is critical, and clutter and messes can greatly reduce the overall safety of your space. Workspaces need to be clean and accessible for a number of reasons, but an emergency situation can make that very apparent. Being able to quickly and safely exit your workspace is critical in the event of a fire or other pressing issue, and clutter can make that difficult. Power strips covered in paperwork or other office supplies can pose a fire or electrocution risk, even if that risk is low, given modern safety standards. If you’re leaving coffee mugs or cups of water around your desk, spills can cause similar issues. Additionally, spills can damage valuable technology and property or sensitive documents. Keeping the floor of your workspace clean is equally important, as trips and falls are one of the biggest workplace hazards. 


It’s no secret that a clean office is a happy office. Messes have a negative psychological effect on us, whether we notice it or not. It’s scientifically proven that people enjoy their work more in a clean and organized space. Clean workspaces provide people with a sense of calmness, and that calmness can lower workplace anxiety. The morale of the entire office can be impacted by disorganization and clutter, and it’s one of those things that’s relatively easy to solve with some elbow grease. What is office spring cleaning? Working together to tidy up common areas and clean the office each spring can help boost company morale and give employees a break from the same old office routine. This concept isn’t all that new, but modern organization guides and office supplies make it much easier to do as a team. There are whole websites, YouTube channels, and books devoted to organization and clutter reduction in the office or home, so you’ve got plenty of places to jump off from when you’re rallying your team for some spring cleaning.

How to Keep Your Office Clean

We’ve all sometimes let a mess get out of hand, and that’s why it’s important to remember to keep the floor clear of trash or bulky items. Tripping hazards are a real threat to you and your coworkers. Securing loose cords with tape or cord covers enables you to move in and out of your workspace safely. Keeping your workspace free of accumulating dust can ensure that your air quality is excellent, especially if you or your neighbors have allergies. Keep a duster handy, and take some time to go over your workspace once a week or so. This will keep things looking nice so you’re not sneezing all day. Having a small vacuum on hand for cleaning up crumbs from your work lunch can help keep your floor looking nice. While most offices have janitors on staff or cleaners who come overnight once or twice per week, you might find it worthwhile to invest in your own little vacuum. That’s totally up to you, though! 

Office Cleaning at Center 615

If you’re looking for new office space to lease for yourself and your team, one question you should come equipped with is whether they have a cleaning service available. Luckily, prospective office space renters are in luck if they’re looking in Nashville. Center 615 is a conveniently located coworking space with private offices for lease, and we know how important cleanliness in the workplace can be. At C615, we have a cleaning service that covers all common areas and bathrooms, so our coworking and office rental clients are always covered. Additionally, we offer a cleaning service for our renters, which can be scheduled one to four times per month for a small fee. For office rentals, this is a must since you’re focusing on work. Let us handle the vacuuming and dusting; you’ve got important things to do. Center 615 has a lot of amenities, and ample storage for office supplies is a big deal to us. Having access to the right supplies is important, so we give our clients all the tools they need to organize and keep a well-stocked workspace (we even offer a cordless vacuum in each building for member use!). 

Are you interested in learning more about the cleaning services at Center 615 or taking a tour of the campus to see just how tidy we keep things? Feel free to give us a call today for the specifics of our cleaning service offerings or to schedule your free tour.

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