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C615’s goal is to be a driving force in building and shaping community here in East Nashville and the rest of our wonderful city.  Get to know our team here, or come on over to Center 615 or Studio 615 for a tour and see what the buzz is about!

C615_web-05Christian Paro

The definition of work hard, play hard.

Christian makes his dreams reality. Literally. Ever wonder where the Center 615 Main facade design came from?

No one tops a Paro Halloween costume. No one.



Whitney YeldellC615_web-04

Director of Operations

Creator and destroyer of to-do lists.
Beyonce influenced and tea powered.

Whitney loves to garden. Well, loves to plant gardens,
not so big on watering them…

Catch Whitney in her downtime kayaking or
walking her pups in East Nashville.



C615_web-01Brandon Benson
Building Operation

Not to be confused with Brendan Benson,
although he is known to play a little guitar.

Brandon fixes everything and makes it better than it was before. Bee probs on the Center 615 deck? Not anymore.
“I’ve killed 100s of bees.” – Brandon

Dog whisperer of sorts. Lover of music, bbq and sarcasm.



C615_web-07Johnathan Jones 
Studio 615 Director of Operations

AKA Photo Jones. AKA keeper of the Studio 615 turf.

A Nashville native, Johnathan went to high school
with T Swift.

Johnathan enjoys gin, hates artichokes and is
intrigued by Alan Rickman.




C615AutumnHoginAutumn Hogin
Center 615 Community Assistant Manager

Driven and detail-oriented served with a side
of humor and sunny-side up attitude.

Autumn is a big fan of seafood and football.

Mother to an adorable son, Autumn is powered
by love, fueled by coffee and sustained by wine.



Beth Heflin
Center 615 Community Coordinator

People and event-oriented. Organizing and post-it notes
make her world go round.

Lover of the outdoors, workout classes
and brewing kombucha.

Beth has one signature dance move. Just one.




kylecopeland_c615Kyle Copeland
Studio Engineer/Lighting Director

Jack of all trades, master of D.I.Y.,
fixer of juuust about anything.

Kyle has developed a distinguished reputation for his
practical effects in the Nashville film community.
He’s worked with companies such as Weebly,
Schneider Electric and Red Bull.

Fact: Kyle once played cowbell on stage for a
Billy Ray Cyrus concert at Opryland.