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Studio 615 offers 17,000 square feet of state-of-the-art production space featuring an all LED Cyc Studio, spacious photographer’s playground, modern green rooms and functional warehouse space.

Production Spaces
Studio One – Cyc Studio
Studio 615

This cyclorama studio features a 30ft x 40ft curved wall that spans over 13 feet tall. The wall and floor are lit with 100 percent LED fixtures.

Sun-Thur | 5hr $900 // 10hr $1200
Fri-Sat | 5hr $1125 // 10hr $1500

  • (2) 200amp Company Switch
  • Large Overhead Truss
  • LED Pre-lit Cyc Wall, Color Adjustable
  • Luxurious Green Room w/ 3 makeup stations, private bathroom and shower
  • 2,000 Square Feet
  • 30ft x 40ft x 13ft
Studio Two – Photographer’s Playground
Studio 615

This production studio features 1,900 square feet of floor space equipped with a seamless wall and access to green room facilities.

Sun - Thurs | 5hr $700 // 10hr $900
Fri - Sun | 5hr $875 // 10hr $1,125

  • Easy Load-in for Vehicles and Gear Trucks
  • Wall of 6 Seamless Colors
  • Talent Green Rooms
  • 1,900 Square Feet
Natural Light Studio
Studio 615

This studio is perfect for a photographer who needs beautiful light quickly and it is also easy on the budget!

$100hr // 2hr minimum.

Studio Three – White Box
Studio 615

This studio is perfect for headshots, small products and other creative work that does not demand our larger studios.

Sun - Thurs | 5hr $300 // 10hr $500
Friday - Sat | 5hr $375 // 10hr $625

  • 19'' x 24''
  • 3 White Walls
  • Privacy
  • Double Doors for Easy Equipment Load-in
The Black Room
Studio 615

The Black Room is the ultimate talent room. Give your client the VIP treatment with comfortable seating, luxurious shower accommodations and three makeup/prep stations.

  • 65-inch Smart TV and Sound System
  • Personal Bathroom with Shower
  • 3 Makeup Stations
  • Comfortable Seating
The Grey Room
Studio 615

This room will help your talent escape the high demands of their job on set. The Grey Room features two makeup stations, lounge area, changing station and entertainment system.

  • Makeup Stations
  • Changing Area
  • Hanging Racks
  • Entertainment System with 65-inch HDTV

Sorry, we don’t currently have any production space available.

Want to be notified when production space become available? Simply apply below and we’ll let you know.

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