Randy Mack Rolfing Center 615
Center 615

Randy Mack Rolfing | Member Spotlight

Randy Mack began his Rolfing practice in 1979 to help people overcome chronic pain and heal from injuries. Read his Q&A with Center 615.

Sneaky Ninja Center 615 East Nashville Real Estate Property Management
Center 615

Sneaky Ninja, Inc. | Member Spotlight

Sneaky Ninja, Inc. owner Brian Bequette reveals how he accidentally ended up in real estate and his forecast for Nashville’s housing market.

Best East Nashville Restaurants Hawkers Center 615 Workday lunch
Center 615

Best East Nashville Restaurants for Workday Lunch

Check out East Nashville favorites for workday lunch. There’s an option for every appetite.

Jason Brueck Kate Harrold Raven and Whale Gallery East Nashville Five Points Alley Shops

Raven and Whale Gallery | Member Spotlight

Artists Jason Brueck and Kate Harrold created Raven & Whale Gallery in Five Points to showcase their work alongside other local East Nashville artists.

free meeting room use Center 615 coworking
Center 615

Where to Find Free Last Minute Meeting Rooms

A last minute meeting spot that doesn’t break the bank is hard to come by. Our list helps you find a free meeting room when you need it.

Copeland's Cove Studio 615 Nashville Disc Golf Course

Breaking in New Disc Golf Course at Studio 615

New disc golf course at 272 Broadmoor, Copeland’s Cove, hosts first public clinic in March

Jessica Wilmoth Financial East Nashville Center 615
Center 615

Wilmoth Financial | Member Spotlight

Jessica Wilmoth, CEO of Wilmoth Financial had office space at Center 615 in 2013-2016. Though life circumstances pushed her to other financial endeavors, she happily moved into another office at Center 615 this past July.

Bongo Java coffee shop east nashville at Center 615
Center 615

Best East Nashville Coffee Shops

We at Center 615 compiled a list of our favorite East Nashville coffee shops to awaken your appreciation for locally crafted coffee.

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