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Colleen Callahan, Interior Designer | Member Spotlight

Interior designer Colleen Callahan pursued a creative freelance job to let her ideas flow without constraint. Read about her inspiration, motivation, and more!

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Where to Have an Office Space for Your Design Firm

Design firms need the perfect office space to help them serve clients best and showcase their talents. See what Center 615 suggests for the best amenities to consider when searching for an office.

Five Points Alley Shops

Defunct Books | Member Spotlight

Defunct Books in Five Points is a hidden literary gem. Owner Greg Delzer buys and sells rare, out-of-print, and used books in his quaint shop. Old book smell guaranteed.

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Does Hybrid Work? | Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Is hybrid work here to stay? Consider reasons to keep it or leave it, and alternative perks businesses can use to keep workers happy.

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Best Office Space Amenities for Your Law Practice

What should attorneys look for when considering office space? We suggest free meeting room use, notary service, and a short commute to the courthouse

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45 Architecture | Member Spotlight

45 Architecture opened an office in Nashville to forge connections with the booming community. Martina Parish recounts how she dived into the world of architecture and more.

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Best East Nashville Breweries for Happy Hour

Want to know which brewery to go to in East Nashville for the perfect pint? You’ve come to the right blog post.

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Redefine Your Work Hours

The way day-to-day life looks has permanently changed since the pandemic. Flexible work hours and remote work both dominate even with businesses returning to the office.

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