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Dine on Center 615’s Campus

The Family Wash & Garage Coffee  |  626A Main Street, Nashville

The Family Wash/Garage Coffee is a favorite spot for tapping your toes, curing your hunger (the fried green biscuit sandwich is a MUST) and grabbing a drink. Garage Coffee has partnered up to provide a coffee bar to keep your taste (and brain) buds awake.

So how did The Family Wash come about? Jamie Rubin, musician and treasured barista, wanted to open up a local dive bar that could become a neighborhood hang out. Soon, his pint and pie restaurant took off with too many customers and not enough seats, which led him to dream bigger. He heard about Christian Paro looking to host a restaurant in a new building on Main Street and decided to go for it. The restaurant includes a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and a stage and sound booth for recording live shows.

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