At Center 615, we believe in taking a break from the never-ending to-do list and hectic weekly grind to have some fun, interact and develop a sense of community with all the other creators, thinkers and doers around us on campus!

The rewards reaped from allotting time to build connections are far greater than being a few emails behind. Consistent engagement with those working around us leads to increased collaboration, the expansion of our professional networks and less competition (more collaboration!) between professionals. That’s why this month, Center 615 urges you to take a break (or two or seven) and introduce yourself to another company in a different building on campus AND attend the several Center 615 events this month to checkout what your peers are working on. Let’s build our community by networking within the bounds of this uniquely creative and talented campus. With 63 businesses in three buildings, there’s loads of connections right here waiting to be made!

  The focus of our November blog content will be centered around the themes of community and collaboration. We’ll be producing our own original content (involving you, said community) as well as curating the best finds on the Internet pertaining to building a strong sense of community. The Community Blog is the one-stop-shop for the best podcasts, business articles, Ted Talks, Center 615 news and much more. Be sure to check back on our blog throughout the month for an abundance of goodness!





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