Cage the Elephant at Studio 615

With less than 2 weeks notice, the C615 team prepped for our biggest event to date- hosting our first concert featuring Grammy-nominated alt-rock group, Cage the Elephant (!!!). Studio 615 partnered with Tumblr to help put on the show. The event series, TumblrIRL, partners with musicians and visual artists to “bring the music to life”. The art gallery was intimate and unique, giving fans an opportunity to see a variety of original artwork inspired by lyrics from Cage’s new songs that the artists and fans had not yet heard. The art showing was followed by none other than an epic performance by the band, playing a first look of their new album, Tell Me I’m Pretty. Studio 615 provided the space for both an expansive art gallery as well as a perfect concert spot, complete with a cyc room and an amazing light show.

For our team, this TumblrIRL showcase provided a glimpse toward the different ways Studio 615 can be utilized- proving how unique our space is to Nashville. It feels truly wonderful have put on an event of this capacity and success- and it was our privilege to host the insanely talented Cage the Elephant for our first ever concert! Very proud of the C615 team and beyond excited for Studio 615’s growth as a staple venue in Nashville.

Cage the Elephant
“Bringing the music to life”
Cage the Elephant
“Art pieces for the fans to view”
“The TUMBLR showcase”
“Lead vocalist, Matt Shultz”
Cage the Elephant Show
“Rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz”
Fans at the show
“Fans enjoying the Cage the Elephant live performance”
Cage the Elephant
“Live show of new album”
Cage the Elephant
“Epic performance and first look at new music”


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