Joy is our theme for December, which we thought was fitting for a few reasons. Obviously, with the holiday season in full swing, we’re feeling a little extra cheer. But this theme is also fitting as the holiday season brings a fair amount of stresses along with it. So much so that it becomes easy to forget all the reasons to be joyful amidst the hustle and bustle. What can we do to make our time spent at our jobs feel less like work and more like a source of happiness? Center 615 is diving into that topic this month.

Our content for this December’s Tuesday Talks will feature a variety of individuals sharing stories on their never-ending journey to finding joy from the work they do, along with advice and interviews. So, stay tuned!

Now, on to today’s Tuesday Talk.

Is there a secret to happiness? This talk ponders that very question. Can the key to happiness be found in technology? Or is it through increased mindfulness? Listen to this edition of Ted Radio Hour for tips to amp up your joy level this Tuesday afternoon.


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