Friday Five: Silicon Valley Scrutiny, Streaming Magazines, Book Club Ideas, Vintage Designs and more!

Silicon Valley has been under heavy scrutiny in the past year. Treatment of minorities, specifically black people and women, within the tech world’s metropolis has been unjustly prejudiced. Time surveyed 200 Silicon Valley women in leadership positions to see how far that bias spread. The results showed deep-rooted biases, including “what we have come to call the Goldilocks problem of never being “just right:” 84% of women have been told they are too aggressive, and 53% have been told they are too quiet.”

Start a book club! NPR contributors have gathered their favorite books of 2015- and it’s got everything. This giant haul of book suggestions is easily categorized and even has a book club ideas list. Perhaps there is a Center 615 book club in our future…

Nasa has released vintage space voyage design posters and is giving them away for free! Check out these beautiful graphics here.

The New Yorker Presents… is a new series that debuted on Amazon Prime last week. It’s not really television though. It’s “a whole new kind of magazine”. The episodes have all the content that you’d find in a print issue of The New Yorker: documentary shorts, one minute clips, poetry and fiction. The prestigious magazine, founded in 1925 has printed pieces by literary greats like Truman Capote, but a television series seems like an odd choice for a traditional 90 year old publication. This formerly “traditional” magazine is embracing our high-tech culture’s changing landscape and attracting new generations of fans in this innovative streaming-magazine concept.

WordPress is a perfect platform for a business’s blog or website. But, if you’re anything like me, navigating the codes and HTML language of your WordPress can be both time consuming and exasperating. These 20 Must Have WordPress Plugins will help you and your user.


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