We scoured the web to give you our top five favorite articles of the week. Happy Friday!


A few months ago, we found out someone else had a domain name we wanted to purchase. The domain name market is a fickle one; it’s relatively secretive, however not by choice. Here are the steps to take if you run into a similar problem with your small business.

Tobias van Schneider is a designer with an interesting outlook on inspiration. “The day I became a better designer was the day I started looking outside the design industry for inspiration. It was the day I started reading books about philosophy, psychology, art or science.”

Nothing seems to capture the plight of the migrants quite like photos. Alan Taylor of InFocus has collected an excellent set of images: A Migrant’s Journey: 1 Week, 30,000 People, 2,500 Miles.

Need to be more productive? Try out some of these productivity tools (unroll.me will change your life).

Could you pass this ignorance quiz? See what you really know about the world:


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