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TUESDAY TALK: Share Your Values and You’ll Share Success

By C615 Team

Anil Dash is co-founder of, ThinkUp a brand new sort of app: one that offers meaningful perception into the way we use our social media accounts. When Facebook changed the gender identification button to offer more than just male and female, they made a couple million of their users feel more comfortable, while also sharing some of their values. But this raises the question: whose values? Or as Anil puts it, “whose values are shaping these apps that we’re spending three years of our lives or 10 years of our lives tapping on it? More simply, who makes your apps?”
The tech world has been under increased scrutiny for the lack of women and minorities involved in the creation of apps. Critics continue to question why the input of marginalized people is not considered in collective efforts to diversify the apps we spend 3-5 years of our lives in. Dash unpacks this often overlooked societal issue and offers solutions that can only be made if the creative and tech communities unite and create a brand new kind of social mobility.