Tuesday Talk: Sparking Your Purpose and Passion

This unbelievably honest and raw Tuesday Talk will give you goosebumps and some serious inspiration to get through this snowy Tuesday. A few months ago, the C615 team had the pleasure of attending the first Creative Mornings Nashville hosted at Studio 615. The speaker, Lee Steffen, is a world renowned creative director and photographer who’s developed brands spanning from Fortune 500 companies to major non-profits. But even someone like Lee who has amassed such marvelous success, has been challenged by finding his true purpose and passions. He says,”Sometimes thinking about our own story can be kind of scary. There are thousands of people out there with the same degree you have, there are thousands of people in the same career you’re in. I think for that reason it’s easy to question our own purpose, if the work we create will ever been good enough or if our story will even matter.” Lee uses the acronym S.P.A.R.K. to share his five fundamentals to “ignite your creativity, help you discover your purpose, and be a light to others.”


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