Center 615

TUESDAY TALK: Communicating Effectively

By C615 Team

Heidi Grant Halvorson:Why No One Understands You (and What To Do About It)

It’s difficult to always come across the way that we intend. Why is it so hard for people to understand us? Heidi Grant Halvorson says, “The good news when it comes to perception, is that even though people are wrong about us a lot of the time, they’re not randomly wrong, they’re predictably wrong. We know a lot about what kinds of signals you can send to come across a certain way, and when you don’t send those signals, what happens.” With this information, Halvorson breaks down the how to engage with another person to come across the way we intend. She has broken the way we’re perceived into three different lenses for collaborating effectively by using the right signals when communicating to our communities.