Center 615: How Suite It Can Be

We were recently featured in an article in Blueprint and we couldn’t be more flattered!

Co-working spaces may better nurture a start-up feel and foster a sense of community, but then again, traditional office space serves a need of privacy to fully concentrate on the project at hand. What if you could have both? That’s where we, Center 615, come in!

Center 615 Main break room


Our fearless leader, Christian Paro, began this journey in the mid-2000s by purchasing our now Bricks building, a 9,000 square foot office space and shortly after that expanded into a 43,000 square foot building. Center 615 is now comprised of 3 buildings: Main, Bricks and Loft. The campus houses 92 private office spaces, 8 conference rooms, 26 co-working spots, two event spaces, private call booths, a roof deck and even a nap room!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 3.39.29 PM
Multiple places in the building to work!

“We work hard to establish a culture at Center 615, a culture that facilitates growth. Most of our members are on a one-year lease, but if a company grows or shrinks, they can break their lease and move into another suite. That happens quite frequently around here. We can grow or shrink with the individual client, and most are growing.” – Christian Paro

Check out the whole Blueprint article HERE!

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