Friday Five: Artober! Productivity Apps! Creative Living Without Fear!

Here are 5 interesting and insightful pieces to make your start of the weekend even better. Ranging between Nashville event recommendations to podcasts, there is something here for everyone. Happy Friday!

1)  Artober is Nashville’s celebration of all things art. Deals and discounts on everything from the ballet, to public art-making sessions, pop-up galleries, film festivals and classes. Stay tuned for updates of October events celebrating the arts at our own Main Street Gallery!

2)  At a Fortune conference this week, CEO of Whole Foods said, “The entire food industry is in the midst of a tectonic shift as organic food goes mainstream.” This piece from The Atlantic ponders, ‘What’s The Matter, Whole Foods?’ Their increase in competition requires a change in their business model- but that has been met with a massive layoff of their staff in hopes to lower prices while maintaining quality. Only time will tell if Whole Foods can combat the swift changes happening as organic food becomes readily available in our own neighborhood grocery stores. Meanwhile, we are so very excited that our local natural food store, The Turnip Truck, is not only going strong but also expanding into a much larger new build! The new location, located on the corner of Woodland and N 7th St, is slated to open November 2015.

3)  LifeHack ranks the 15 best productivity apps for a successful business. From organizational apps, like Todoist that help track task progress, to Buffer, which allows the user to set up a schedule for automated social media posts that work best with each individual business model. These apps will assist with the daily bumps in the road and make your brand appear effortlessly streamlined.

4)  Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about her new book Big Magic: Creative Living Without Fear. In this 20-minute podcast, Gilbert dissects the dangers of ignoring your creative self. She says, “If I’m not actively creating something in my life, then odds are I’m destroying something.” Listen for an honest discussion about the creative process that offers a new way of understanding why creative roadblocks happen- and how to combat them.

5)  The Harvard Business Review surveyed coworking founders and their tenants, wondering, “What makes coworking spaces so effective?” Their findings showed that the variety of businesses within a coworking community decreases competition and a need for a “work persona,” allowing people to be themselves at work more naturally. Reported benefits include increased job control with 24/7 access of workspace, hospitality provided through community events, and a laid-back and open atmosphere.


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