Where to Book Your Spring and Summer Events in Nashville, TN

A summer event in Nashville

Things are warming up in Nashville, and event spaces are bustling in and around the city. Read on to learn about the event spaces that Center and Studio 615 have available and what you can expect from these five unique venues. 

Party Season 

Hosting a party can be stressful, so eliminating any of the associated stress can be immensely helpful. While you obviously love your friends, family, clients, or employees, managing tons of people at your home can be difficult. Event spaces give you the freedom to enjoy your gathering more intimately without worrying too much about logistics. 

Determining which kind of space you need for your event depends on the type of get-together you’re hosting. Having a hybrid venue with indoor and outdoor spaces is great for our temperate spring and summer evenings. Need something strictly indoors? Make sure your venue has good air conditioning and ample space/seating for your guests. Many event spaces can offer additional services to go with your rental, including catering or music, so make sure to check when scheduling if that’s something you definitely need. Given our region’s occasionally temperamental weather, it’s good to book a venue that has indoor space if an outdoor event is what you’re looking for. Nobody wants to bring everything indoors for a last-minute thunderstorm, but you’ll be glad you’ve got the option if Mother Nature decides to bring the waterworks. Most event spaces in Nashville will be prepared for this possibility, but it’s critical to determine their setups well in advance of your event. 

Event Spaces at Center 615

Now that you know more about what to look for in a space when booking your Nashville spring event, let’s explore specifically what we can do at our unique coworking space. 

Main Street Gallery

Main Street Gallery is one of C615’s most unique spaces, and that’s saying a lot on this bustling coworking campus. This 1900-square-foot event space is perfect for hosting up to 115 seated guests. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, art show, or work conference, you’ve come to the right place. Just five minutes from downtown Nashville and nestled in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood, this event space is prime real estate for a party that wants to run late. Included in your rental is a projector and 100’ screen, PA system, reliable wifi, free parking, and an on-site manager for any questions or concerns. For non-members, rates start at $250/hour for events and $125/hour for art shows. C615 members enjoy a rate of $125/hour (including load-in and load-out). Membership isn’t required, but if you’re already taking advantage of our office or coworking space, you’re getting a great deal. This fully indoor venue has hosted all kinds of art shows, so it’s perfect for any creative endeavor.

Rec Hall & Courtyard

C615’s Rec Hall & Courtyard is a perfect place to gather in the warm spring and summer months. Featuring both indoor and outdoor event space, our Rec Hall & Courtyard has space for up to 400 guests (200 inside and 200 outside standing). Our large garage doors open onto a turfed courtyard from the indoor event area, making the space feel cohesive and open. In the spring and summer, you can rent this space for five to ten hours, ranging from $2,800-$4,200. If you’re a member of Center 615, you’ll pay just half that! We can recommend and work with some excellent food and bar vendors to ensure that your gathering is catered exactly how you need it. But unlike some event spaces this large, you don’t need to have any catering or bar service. If you’re looking to book an event in Nashville in a venue that takes advantage of indoor and outdoor space, you cannot go wrong with C615’s Rec Hall & Courtyard.

Roof Deck

Center 615 has a unique outdoor space in the form of its Roof Deck. From wedding receptions to yoga summits, our space has hosted numerous outdoor events with a great view. The spring and summer months are perfect for this rooftop event area, but we know the weather can sometimes take us by surprise. With 1,400 square feet and standing room for up to 125 guests, this event space is perfect for a large or small summer get-together. When booking the Roof Deck, you have the option to reserve the Main Street Gallery as an indoor backup space if inclement weather decides to rain on your festivities. For four hours, non-members pay $800, plus $250 per additional hour. Members of C615 pay half that rate, among the other perks of working in one of Nashville’s most creative coworking spaces. 

Event Spaces at Studio 615

If you’re looking for an event space near you that’s a bit outside Nashville city limits, you should check out Studio 615. With indoor and outdoor spaces and the option to book both at once, you can customize the size of your springtime shindig to fit your unique needs. Just ten minutes outside of downtown Nashville, Studio 615 is easy to get to and a nice break from the city.

The Grove

The Grove is Studio 615’s outdoor venue. Nestled in vast green space, this beautiful pine grove boasts a raised stage, unique LED lighting, parking for 100 cars, and a capacity of 150 people. We’ve hosted weddings and intimate outdoor concerts at The Grove, and we’re confident that this outdoor space is right for you. Fridays and Sundays are cheaper to rent, with a ten-hour booking costing just $1,200. For the same duration on Saturday, you’ll pay $1,500, but if you need more time, it’s only $1,875 for 15 hours. The Grove also features a covered outdoor patio if you need some shelter from the elements during your event.

The Event Hall

The Event Hall is a massive 4,000 square feet of space that can be tailored to suit whatever event you’re hosting. Once a warehouse, this blank canvas of an event space has hosted weddings, concerts, fashion shows, and photo shoots. It’s perfect for weddings and other productions because it offers a unique perk: green rooms for private preparation or whatever else you may need. In the event space, you’ll find custom LED lighting, a robust sound system, and standing room for up to 400 people. This is our largest space, and all of the perks and amenities we offer are available here, too. Our recommended food and bar vendors are available for an additional cost, and our on-site staff is able to help coordinate with you as you plan your event this summer. This behemoth space is available starting at $2,050 for five hours, Monday through Thursday, and only $2,600 for events between Friday and Sunday. You can add on The Grove to your event to ensure you’ve got tons of space and all the outdoor accommodations The Grove can offer, too.

Hosting an event this spring and into the summer months in Nashville? Center 615 is the perfect place to get everything you need at once. Call us today for more information and to schedule a tour of any of our event spaces.

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