Work Hard, Play Hard: Exploring Everything the Five Points Neighborhood Has to Offer

Five Points neighborhood

Nestled in the heart of East Nashville, the Five Points neighborhood is a bustling community full of creative endeavors, local businesses, and exciting restaurants. Working in the Five Points means you’ll never have a dull moment. Here are some of the highlights of this dynamic neighborhood so you know exactly what to expect from working here. 

Benefits of Working in the Five Points Area of Nashville

Food in the Five Points

Five Points in Nashville is home to some of the best eateries the city has to offer. Some of Nashville’s most sought-after tables are located on Woodland Street in the Five Points. Margot Cafe & Bar has been featured in write-ups from the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Time Magazine as one of Nashville’s best restaurants. With simple and elegant dishes using locally sourced, natural ingredients, you’re sure to have a memorable culinary experience at Margot. Head over to Boston Commons for some New England-style elevated pub fare. Expect high-quality seafood, and save room for their signature Boston cream pie. Don’t forget to take a look at the Nashville Strong mural on their wall, a reminder of the community’s incredible response to the destructive tornado that impacted the neighborhood just 3 years ago.

Interested in some quicker street fare? No problem! Restaurants in Nashville’s Five Points are diverse in their offerings. Walk up to the outdoor slice window at Five Points Pizza for a quick slice of Nashville’s best pizza. Head inside for a more traditional sit-down experience and know that no matter what, you aren’t leaving hungry. Burgers are synonymous with quick eats, and nobody does it better in Five Points than Burger & Company. Located among the Five Points Alley Shops, this burger needs to be experienced to be believed. Stop in and grab their signature Bag o’ Burgers, the perfect team lunch for you and 4 friends. 

Shopping Opportunities 

There’s no shortage of places to shop in Five Points East Nashville, and the Five Points Alley Shops bring it all to one convenient location. Located on Woodland Ave, the Five Points Alley Shops host a dozen stores, including Defunct Books, The Goodbuy Girls, and The Good Fill just to name a few. Organized by C615, these stores help create a convenient shopping space with easy accessibility and a variety of options for locals to buy gifts, stock up on essentials, grab a bite, and explore the best of what Nashville businesses can offer. Looking for other options? Hit up Grimey’s Records to browse their large collection of new and preloved vinyls, turntables, CDs, and movies. Check their events for exciting live shows in an intimate setting with excellent sound. Head over to the nearby Fatherland District where you can find a ton of local Nashville stores offering thrifted clothes, handmade blankets, and activewear. 

Things to Do in Five Points

Five Points East Nashville is a small and exciting area with a ton of options for things to do. Whether it’s a work lunch, a late night, or a Sunday afternoon stroll, you’re covered. There are several bars in the area that make entertaining and laying back easy. Hit up happy hour every Friday at Five Points Diner and Bar, or catch a show at The Five Spot.

Every summer, Five Points hosts the Tomato Art Fest, a massive outdoor event celebrating the humble tomato. See art inspired by this fruit (or is it a vegetable?), take in live music and other events, or just grab a bite from one of the dozens of vendors around. We hope you like tomatoes! Five Points is also an excellent place to just take an afternoon walk. The highly walkable streets and great shade create one pleasant stroll as you soak in the culture of this unique East Nashville neighborhood. 

Working at Center 615

Where is the Five Points neighborhood in Nashville? Definitions of each of Nashville’s neighborhoods’ ‘borders’ are a bit lax here, but its center is at the intersection of Woodland Street, Clearview Avenue, and North 11th Street. The surrounding area encompasses the Five Points neighborhood, and it can extend as far as each person likes. Since Nashville is already separated into North, South, East, West, and Downtown, it’s not an exact science. What’s not up for debate is Center 615’s convenient, central location in the heart of Five Points. A coworking space for incubating Nashville small businesses and startups, Center 615 represents the best of what East Nashville can offer the area. We strive to provide an easy-to-access location for professionals, companies, freelancers, and remote workers alike who need a space to get things done. The Five Points neighborhood plays hard, but it works hard too. Growing your Nashville business is easier with the help of Center 615, where we provide clients with a massive list of amenities, from meditation/nap rooms to free parking and 24/7 access. 

Center 615 is a short walk from most of the restaurants, bars, and shops mentioned above due to the small footprint of the Five Points area. A lot is packed into these streets, and they’re active with life and music every hour of the day. Attracting business is easy in Five Points, as is making meaningful connections with other business owners and customers. People are naturally drawn to this area for a variety of reasons, and its style is a huge part of it. Working in a beautiful place where you can walk, get a breath of fresh air, and grab a slice of pizza all in the same block is great for company morale. Renting office space with Center 615 is easy too and free of hidden costs. We have a variety of options for companies of all sizes, from the startup seed to the booming business we know you’re destined to become. 

Ready to explore everything Center 615 offers as the premier coworking space in the Five Points neighborhood? Give us a call or check out our website to schedule a free tour and explore what makes C615 a perfect element of the tapestry that is Five Points.

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  1. We have recently moved to Middle TN and saw a post on fb about a St. Patrick’s day parade in the Five Point area, but have not been able to find anything else about it. Can you please give me more information about the parade?

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