Friday Five: Morning Pages! Tech Trends! SEO! & More!

We scoured the Internet to provide the best tech, marketing and creativity tips for you innovative bunch of entrepreneurs! Share this week’s Friday Five with your colleagues and finish out your Friday strong. Happy weekend, C615!

Wake up and before coffee, showering or checking your phone, write three pages. That’s what creative guru Julia Cameron suggests in The Miracle of Morning Pages. Oliver Burkemen, a journalist at The Guardian, hated the idea of writing something that no one would see, but since starting the practice wishes he began sooner. Burkeman was surprised at the effect the process has on “calming anxieties, producing insights and resolving dilemmas.”

Here are some lesser known ways to amp up your LinkedIn profile, including how to customize your generic URL, joining and creating groups and exporting all connections into your email! Who knew LinkedIn was this helpful for networking?

Learn how to turn those Instagram posts into a true advertising and brand marketing tool with this Complete Instagram Hashtag Guide for Business.

Visualistan has put together the top tech trends of 2016 (so far). Anticipate where consumers are heading and create accordingly!

Check out the infographic below on the importance of local SEO:

The importance of Local SEO #InfographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan


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