Beyond the Boardroom: Creative Meeting Spaces in Nashville for Inspiring Sessions

New meeting room in Nashville.

An in-person meeting is the best way to share news, brainstorm new ideas, or review and train after a hard day. Not every meeting room is made equally, however, and if you really want to get creatively inspired, you need to think outside the boardroom. 

What to Know About Good Meeting Spaces

The Purpose of a Meeting Space

It’s easy to take a meeting room for granted. In a traditional office setting, a meeting room is just there. Whether you spend a lot of your workday in meetings or not, you’ve certainly spent time in a meeting room or two. In today’s work climate, hybrid or remote jobs are the main choice for millions of Americans. Since the pandemic, we’ve taken to conducting meetings remotely via teleconference, and many believe the traditional meeting routine might have been better. 

Meeting in person is an excellent way to communicate, and this physical component of touching base is a great way to get things done. A meeting room is a place to gather and collaborate, disseminate new information, and illustrate complex problems in hopes of solving them. Meeting spaces typically have audiovisual equipment for presentations or teleconferencing with a remote client or coworker. A meeting room needs certain things to function, but it all depends on your specific requirements. When selecting a meeting room, come with your needs in mind so that you know whether a space will work for you. Beyond how it looks or feels, it needs to have the infrastructure to facilitate a proper meeting. Do you need reliable WiFi to stream video or access remote data? How many people do you need to seat? Even things like location and available parking should factor into selecting a meeting space. There are many meeting spaces in Nashville, but they aren’t all ideal for every type of meeting. Let’s explore what makes for a good creative meeting space and get some ideas for how non-traditional spaces might shake things up. 

Creative Meeting Spaces in Nashville

When you think of a traditional meeting room, you are probably picturing a boardroom with a big table and uncomfortable chairs. But modern meeting spaces don’t need to be so sterile, and finding creative spaces to meet for inspiring sessions has never been easier. When you need a meeting space but don’t have your own office, what can you do? 

Meeting rooms for rent near you are out there; you just need to look. There are plenty of options available for finding a meeting room, even at the last minute. Libraries often have meeting rooms that can be rented out for a small fee or free, depending on your location. While these meeting rooms aren’t usually large, they are centrally located and sometimes available at the last minute when other options aren’t. Don’t expect a long list of amenities at a library meeting room, and plan for some distractions. Libraries can be fun spaces to meet and spark conversation and creativity, but they don’t often include much in the way of audiovisual or technical infrastructure like projectors or TVs and good WiFi. When looking for a meeting space in Nashville, don’t settle for the first option. Coffee shops are go-to places for informal meetings to go over ideas or catch up with colleagues. While these spaces are usually open early and late, they can get busy and quite noisy. Don’t expect to solve many hard problems in a coffee shop, but if you’re simply looking to get some thoughts shared, a coffee shop can be a great choice for a meeting space. Of course, finding seating in a coffee shop can be difficult, and getting everyone on the same page with distractions abound can be a challenge, too. 

Public parks can be another fun, creative choice for a meeting. Meeting outdoors can give everyone a breath of fresh air, letting creativity flow. In a park, you’ve got plenty of space to chat and spread out, and you can even walk while you talk. On the other hand, meeting in a park can be a hassle if you need to involve technology. Laptop batteries always seem to run out when you need them, and cell service can be spotty in some places, too. On a sunny day, the screen glare alone can render many meetings obsolete. But for an unplugged, informal meeting, a park can be an inspiring location for a get-together for the team. 

Center 615’s Meeting Rooms

Renting a meeting room is often your best bet when you need a controlled environment to facilitate creativity. In today’s technology-driven landscape, you often need the best gear to give great presentations or reach distant clients. You can still find a great deal of creativity and uniqueness in a rented meeting room, however. Themed spaces or rooms with distinct charm and special equipment are great for fostering creativity. You and your team will get a lot more done in a creative space that suits your specific needs. Don’t opt for a boring space when there are so many options available near you. There are plenty of remarkable meeting rooms for rent in Nashville, and many of them are right here in Center 615. 

Center 615 is located in the Five Points neighborhood of Nashville, just outside of downtown. With plenty of available parking and reliable high-speed internet, we have the infrastructure nailed down. But beyond our ease and technology, our meeting rooms all have charm. We have eight conference rooms, each with its own theme and special features that set it apart from other meeting rooms in the city. Take the Vogon Room, for example. This space-themed meeting room will take you to new heights, with seating for up to seven people. The custom-designed table enables up to four devices to connect to the large display in the room for teleconferencing or presentation purposes. 

Like any of our meeting rooms, you can book this room online and check availability easily. The best part is that this room is only $70 per hour. The Zaphod Room is Center 615’s largest meeting space, and it’s great for multimedia presentations or even movie screenings. It can comfortably seat ten people, with space for four more upon request. No matter what room you opt for, you’re going to feel the creativity flowing. Our rooms start at just $35 per hour and are free for people who rent office space on campus, and discounted for those with coworking memberships. The energy at Center 615 is always positive, and we’re always working to create an inspiring space for Nashville’s professionals.

Meeting Matters

Finding a space to be creative doesn’t have to be a challenge; just check out Center 615. Spark your creativity with C615’s many meeting rooms, and schedule a tour today.

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