Need a Place to Meet With Your Team Fast? Try These Four Ideas

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Impromptu meetings can be excellent opportunities to get things done quickly with your team, but finding the right location for these last-minute gatherings can be challenging. Here are some tips for finding the space to meet with your team quickly, because it’s always possible to get things done if you’re willing to get crafty!

Great Spaces to Meet as a Team

1. Libraries and Community Centers

Finding a place to meet with your team on short notice can be challenging. A good meeting space is hard to find, and that’s especially true when you don’t have much time. Fortunately, libraries and community centers in your area often have spaces that can be reserved in advance or in a pinch. Meeting with the team can usually happen if you’ve got a reliable community center nearby. There are of course issues with checking out a meeting room from a library or community center, however. Some do require advance notice, and space is generally limited. Since these are free spaces, the amenities are lacking, and the audiovisual equipment is generally limited to what you can carry. 

Libraries are generally quiet places, which is a great pro for using their meeting rooms. On the other hand, events and shared spaces can disrupt a quiet place, and community centers can become quite busy. Calling around for a last-minute meeting spot at your local library is fortunately fairly easy, and room availability is usually easy to determine. While most library meeting rooms are offered for members of the community, some do require memberships or proof of residence from you before you can reserve a spot. This can be challenging if you’re from out of town or are trying to have someone else on your team find a place. 

2. Coffee Shops and Restaurants

A coffee shop meeting or workspace has become a cliche in entertainment, and for good reason. Coffee shops are great places to meet up with other people in a casual environment and have conversations. While coffee shops don’t often provide private meeting space, finding a quiet and cozy corner to check in is usually possible. Don’t expect to have incredibly productive meetings in your local cafe, however. Distractions are aplenty, from other patrons to live music, a coffeehouse isn’t a guaranteed quiet spot. And if you head to a particularly popular joint, you might not find a seat at all.

While many coffee shops don’t mind a group congregating for a meeting, it is possible to wear out your welcome, especially if everyone isn’t buying lattes. Fighting for space and finding enough room to have laptops, notebooks or even seating can be a headache in a cafe, especially when things are busy. Logistically, cafes are open conveniently early and usually have some space to play host to your team. Meeting rooms for rent provide a lot more flexibility than a coffee shop, but a cafe can certainly work in a pinch.

Restaurants are similar to coffee shops in terms of available meeting space, especially during the day. But eateries are usually higher-pressure areas with a lot more distractions. While you can take up a booth for hours, it’s generally frowned upon because you deprive your waiter of the turnover and more tips. In some situations, busy restaurants will ask people to leave if they stick around too long. While you might have more table space and dedicated seating in a restaurant, things are generally more claustrophobic in a booth or at a table. In terms of last-minute availability, cafes and restaurants work great, but their environments aren’t exactly amenable to high levels of productivity. 

3. Public Parks

What other places are popular for meetings? A public park can be a unique meeting location for your team that many people overlook. Provided you’ve got good weather (and Nashville is often temperate), an outdoor meeting can be a great space to catch up with your team. Environmental factors do of course play a part in ruining a good meeting in a public park, but many sprawling parks offer a good deal of space for everyone to spread out. Seating is usually available, and some parks even offer lodges and pavilions for shelter. While lodges are not usually reserved at the last minute, other spaces can be open for free. If you’re in a real pickle and need a quick spot to meet, a public park can be a cool place to do it. Of course, if you need high-speed internet or audiovisual equipment for your meeting, you’re likely out of luck at a public park.

4. Center 615

The best place to rent a meeting room for a day, whether it’s last minute or in advance, is a dedicated meeting room. At Center 615, we offer a coworking space to Nashville professionals, along with eight fully themed meeting rooms that meet a variety of unique business needs. We always have staff onsite during business hours and offer up-to-date live calendars online to show room availability. With eight choices, chances are a space is available for your team at any given moment. 

A dedicated meeting space is the superior choice among all the other options we’ve reviewed for many reasons. For one, meeting rooms at Center 615 are centrally located in Nashville, and parking is free. Additionally, we have a variety of tech and productivity gadgets in each room, along with Google Fiber WiFi. Rates start low, at $30 per hour, and C615 members get free meeting room access included with an office or desk rental. Additional amenities include:

  • Local coffee/tea
  • Phone booths
  • Dog-friendly spaces
  • Free notary services
  • Fitness area
  • Recreation/activities
  • 24/7 keycard access
  • Mailbox
  • Monthly socials
  • 75 businesses in one community
  • Friendly staff!

Looking for meeting rooms for rent near you? We’ve got you covered in spades. Renting a meeting room with us at the very last minute isn’t a guarantee, but at Center 615, our availability is excellent. Check the availability online, or give us a call and we’d be happy to help you find a space for your check-in. No matter what you need, Center 615 has a room that’s right for your team. 

Center 615 is ready to be your new favorite meeting space, and we strive to be available as often as possible, even with short notice. If you’re looking to rent a meeting room, give us a call or register today for a free tour, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you choose to work with us.

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