How Much Does Comfort Matter in a Meeting Room Rental?

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In modern times, we’ve come to realize that we get our best work done when we’re comfortable. The same is true of meetings. When you’re renting a meeting room, are you putting the proper emphasis on the comfort of your attendees and yourself? Here’s why it matters. 

Why Comfort Matters in a Meeting Room Rental

Comfort and Work

In the past, working hard was all about grueling, intensive labor that left you sore and exhausted at the end of the day. And that was how success was measured: in the amount of yourself you were willing to sacrifice to work. As office work became the norm, society still placed a focus on difficulty and struggle. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from these arduous workplaces of the past. 

Offices, and the more recent departure from a common workplace to remote work and coworking, have become the norm for work in many sectors of the economy. It’s in these modern offices that things like ergonomics and the concept of a work/life balance were born. In today’s terminology, a workplace is many things. A meeting place similarly has a versatile definition, ranging from Zoom calls to in-person brainstorms in coffee shops or the local coworking campus. No matter where you choose to meet, there are amenities and comforts that you cannot overlook. In other words, a comfy meeting room is key to getting the best from everyone, including yourself. These amenities are not only important for your clients’ comfort, but also your own. 

When everyone’s comfortable in a meeting, the best work can be done. The best pitches are made to a captive audience that wants to be there. In many industries, it all comes down to the meeting room—that physical space where you are getting things done. 

What You Need from a Meeting Room

If you’re wondering: what should I look for in a meeting room?—we’ve got you covered. Let’s review some of the most important attributes a great meeting room should have and how you can ensure you’re getting the most for your money. 

Whether you’re looking to rent a meeting room for a day or find a home base for weekly gatherings and monthly meetings, your needs probably aren’t all that different. The musts should include free, reliable WiFi connections, audio/video equipment for presentations and remote team members or clients, easy and free parking, and centrality. These are not amenities—these are your essentials. But the essentials do provide a great deal of comfort when you can get a PowerPoint started without fiddling with cables or running to grab the WiFi password. A good coworking space that provides meeting rooms is going to be prepared for your needs, and having these needs catered to can greatly improve your peace of mind. You’ve already got enough on your plate! 

Meeting rooms for rent near you are available, but finding a good one does take some shopping around. If you’re in the Nashville area, Center 615 can provide you with everything you need in a meeting space. We have been in the business of hosting and fostering creativity and hard work for years, and our meeting rooms reflect that experience. A great meeting room has staff on-site if an issue does arise. At Center 615, no matter when you’re meeting, we are always available for support. We pride ourselves on our location and the unique settings that each of our eight meeting rooms create. But basic needs aren’t all you’re looking to satisfy in a meeting room. What else goes into a great, comfortable meeting room that can exceed your expectations? 

The Comforts and Amenities You Should Look For

Making a great first impression is important, and having a memorable meeting space can really help. So what sets a meeting room above the rest? One of the most important parts of hosting a comfortable meeting is providing ample space for everyone involved. 

How big is a small meeting room? When you’re reading listings that don’t provide much detail on occupancy or square footage, it can be almost impossible to tell the size of your meeting room without visiting it. One amenity that great meeting spaces provide is free, and that is information. You shouldn’t have to guess or eyeball the size of a room based on one image. Knowing if the television in the room is visible from all angles and whether it has an HDMI port shouldn’t be a mystery at any point! Look for places that offer clear, detailed lists of what they provide, and make sure they’re open to communication. 

Find the perfect-looking space only to get on the phone and learn it’s way out of your budget? That’s frustrating, and pricing should be anything but frustrating for a comfy meeting space. If a place isn’t upfront with its costs, there’s probably a reason for that obscurity. 

Center 615 provides a detailed rundown of each of our eight unique and themed meeting rooms that includes pricing. We also have our availability calendars visible so you know if a room is available before you even decide to book it. Having themed rooms may sound a bit silly at first, but it really works! We have honed and reiterated our themes to get where we are today, with rooms that burst with Nashville history, nerdy delights, and cozy comforts. Renting a meeting room with Center 615 is a simple process, and we think that comfort is paramount to a good meeting experience. We’ve all dealt with rental agreements that are complex and seemingly designed to confuse, and we don’t want that here. Renting from Center 615 is easy, and you can rest assured you’re working with a local company with Nashville business as its primary focus. 

Want more information about what makes a great meeting room, or are you ready to see what Center 615 has to offer you? Give us a call, schedule a free tour, or book your meeting room online today.

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