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A good meeting space is crucial to getting the best from your team. With eight versatile meeting rooms, Center 615 is the perfect place to host your next check-in. 

The Benefits of Meeting in Person

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced many workers to go fully remote, communication problems began to crop up. Even simple team meetings are often trickier to manage without a shared in-person presence. 

If you hated in-person meetings before ever doing it virtually, chances are you’ve come around to interfacing in person because it’s just more effective. There are many studies on the efficacy of team meetings, training sessions, and presentations when they’re conducted in a tangible space. Almost universally, in-person meetings take less time, are more productive, and reduce the need for timely follow-ups or check-ins about the topics discussed. 

So, why does it just feel better to have a meeting in person? Think about a conversation you have over the phone versus one you had face-to-face with another person. Chances are it was a lot easier to communicate when you could see their expressions, gauge their nonverbal cues, and read their body language in real-time. Video chat doesn’t cut it either. Between grainy video, lag time, intermittent freezing, the disadvantage of only seeing a person’s face, and the difficulty of looking each other in the eye, online team meetings can lead to miscues and damage morale among your team. 

Meeting in person can help remedy other technical issues as well. While we can’t magically turn everyone into A/V professionals, we at Center 615 do make things as simple as possible for presentations, screen-sharing, and connecting your meeting with remote team members. Don’t worry about someone cutting out and that awkward time spent wondering: “am I the only one who didn’t catch that?” Meeting in a shared space limits distractions, too, because while your cat is obviously cute, you probably don’t want her climbing on your lap when you’re discussing sensitive issues or presenting a report (though who are we to judge?). 

Our Unique Meeting Rooms

If you want to make your best impression on clients, prospective employees, or future business partners, meeting in person is a must. Setting might not be your first thought, but having a unique space in which to make introductions and share ideas is important. Impress clients with one of our convenient meeting spaces in the heart of Five Points in Nashville. Interested in what we have to offer? Read on for a breakdown of just a sample of the spaces we have available for rental.

Want to channel your inner Don Draper to seal the deal? We have a meeting space for that. The Draper Room is a Mad Men-inspired throwback meeting space complete with comfy leather chairs and modern amenities like WiFi and a 60-inch LED display. Or, if you prefer, go analog and write out an eye-catching slogan on the dry-erase board. 

And if you need a lot of writing space, look no further than the Deep Thought Room. This unique meeting space seats two to eight people and features floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls. Whether you need to solve complex equations or sketch out a dozen visual aids on the fly, this room’s got you covered.

For the audiovisual-minded folks, there are plenty of options available at Center 615. Whatever sort of presentation you’ve got planned, you need to impress. The Vogon Room is technically and visually impressive, with a custom-designed table allowing for 4 devices to connect to our LED display at one time. Bounce around from screen to screen – or presenter to presenter – with ease. Present your thoughts and encourage brainstorming with a movable glass dry-erase board that can take center stage or get out of the way with ease. And if the lightsaber on the door is lit up, it’s just the Vogon Room’s way of saying, “big things in progress.” 

The Zaphod Room is the ultimate meeting room for film screenings, presentations, and other technical wizardry. Featuring ten tablet armchairs, your viewers will have easy access to their devices as they view the massive 80-inch LED display with surround sound. So show that film, review your footage from yesterday’s shoot, or just get some music going for a down-to-business jam session. These examples are only some of the meeting spaces we offer for rent. Additional meeting rooms are available, each with its own perks designed to provide ample amenities for whatever you need. 

Why Rent a Meeting Room with Center 615?

A rentable meeting room may be a new concept to you, but we hope you find it as exciting as we do. We’ve outlined many of the benefits to your team, but we’re saving the best news for last: these spaces are highly affordable! We offer a wide range of budget-friendly options, which vary in price based on capacity and accommodations. Our meeting rooms start at $30/hr, and they’re free for Center 615 members, so you can interface with your team comfortably without breaking the bank. 

Don’t let your small business or startup suffer because permanent office space is just not in the budget right now! Rent a meeting room, and shake up your check-ins with Center 615. We’re committed to bringing unique meeting spaces to East Nashville, and we’re confident that we do just that. If you’re interested in touring our facility or a specific meeting room, now is the perfect time to send us your info!

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