Meeting Room Amenities that Make All the Difference

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In the remote and hybrid landscape of the modern workplace, in-person meetings remain an important way to get things done. Since most meetings are now hosted in rented rooms dedicated to the remote workforce, the amenities provided have become more important. Read on to learn which conference room amenities are necessary for you to have a great check-in. 

Different Amenities in an Office Space

The Tech

Work has never been more digital. Practically everything we do relies on multiple systems and software, so making sure everything goes smoothly in a meeting is important. When you rent a meeting room for a day, you’re at the mercy of their gear and perhaps most importantly, their WiFi. Don’t let your presentation go unseen because there isn’t a large screen for presenting, or there isn’t the right cord to connect your laptop to a display. Frustration has no place in a meeting room, and that’s why it’s so important to nail these things down ahead of time. A great meeting room will have all of your needs in mind, but you need to think of everything in advance when looking at meeting rooms for rent. 

Different rooms in the same coworking space often provide very different tech amenities — the great ones do, at least. So come with a list of your needs, and keep in mind what could go wrong on the day with your own tech. Make sure the space has a safety net for you. Maybe you rely on a hotspot for connecting to work, and that works great for you. Does the space you’re renting offer WiFi or wired internet for free? If not, you’ll have no backup if something goes wrong. 

Tech isn’t just computers and projectors; it’s also the whiteboards, desks or tables, and the room’s layout. Unique meeting rooms for rent near you are available at Center 615. We have eight options with one-of-a-kind theme and decor, as well as the gear and gadgetry you need. The Deep Thought room, for example, has floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls for a big brainstorming session or when a flow chart gets out of hand.

Tech and gizmos matter, but they aren’t everything, so let’s review some other amenities you need to look out for. 

The Basics

When you think of amenities, you might think of the simple stuff — the freebies and bonuses included with renting things like hotel rooms. A good meeting room should impress with the basic needs, too. Free coffee and tea aren’t necessary for a meeting to go well, but they sure help. So does having a common area where you can meet up with others on your team before and after the meeting. A coworking space comes with these creature comforts, and a great chance to meet other professionals to make some new connections within your Nashville business network. Center 615 is a bustling coworking space with no shortage of activity and basic amenities you didn’t know you needed. 

The Infrastructure

Everything that gets you to your meeting room needs to work, just as well as the room itself does. A meeting room should offer free and ample parking for your staff, and it should be a central location for everyone too. Getting to a meeting place shouldn’t be a headache, and stopping a long cram session to feed the meter isn’t ideal for productivity either. While there’s a lot written about what every conference room should have, there isn’t nearly as much devoted to what the places they’re in should provide. 

Most meeting spaces (Center 615 included) are contained within coworking spaces. Coworking spaces need to be easy to access for their customers, and that extends to the meeting rooms. In Center 615’s case, that means our meeting rooms are free for members who rent private office space. Even if you aren’t a member, our rooms are incredibly affordable and easy to book online. Rates start at $30 per hour, and rooms have space for anywhere from 2 to 14 people. Our onsite notary is available to clients who rent office space or meeting rooms, which is a perk you should not sleep on. Our campus is located in Nashville’s Five Points Neighborhood, which has no shortage of unique shops and eateries, so you can continue the meeting offsite at a restaurant if things go long. Our meeting rooms are accessible 24/7 as long as you schedule in advance, so chances are you won’t need to worry about time. 

The Intangibles

At Center 615 we don’t believe that unique themes and fun decor make a meeting room or office space infinitely more productive than a boring space with a table and chairs. We recognize that the basics, the tech, and the infrastructure matter most, but that didn’t stop us from getting creative. Much like you, we like to balance our professional with our casual side, because having fun when you work and meet with your team is important.  

So, what makes a great meeting room? As much as everything needs to go right in terms of productivity and presentation in a meeting, a room also needs to feel like something more than a utilitarian space. Nobody gets their best work done in a beige rectangle. Each of our eight rooms is brimming with personality and a strong theme. Whether it’s Mad Men-inspired leather chairs to find that new, big idea or channeling your inner Jedi while solving a complex problem, you’re going to have fun. Feeling that you’re in the right space can make all the difference in the world, and we believe that the meeting rooms at Center 615 offer just that. A rented meeting room should feel like your space as soon as you occupy it, and we strive to make sure that feeling is present.

Meet Your Needs With Center 615

Meeting room amenities range from necessary to extravagant, but they all work together to provide a productive, professional, yet fun space. If you want to learn more about renting one of our 8 meeting rooms at Center 615, give us a call or schedule a free tour online.

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