Why, How, and Where to Rent a Meeting Room for a Video Interview

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Interviewing in the post-COVID age is a lot different from how it was just a few years ago. Now that we’re all a lot more comfortable with conducting business remotely, it’s no surprise that video interviews are here to stay. Here’s what you need to know about presenting your best self by renting a meeting room for your video interview.

Benefits of a Meeting Room

Why Rent a Meeting Room for a Video Interview or Meeting?

If you’re conducting remote video interviews or meetings with any frequency, you might be wondering why you should be conducting them from a meeting room rather than your own home office. If you’ve got a great home office, that’s excellent, and it might be all you need, but there are a variety of scenarios where meeting from home just won’t cut it. 

Whether it’s simply making a better first impression or having the technology and space to demonstrate your talents properly, a rented meeting room can make the logistics of an interview much less stressful. A good meeting room just looks better than your home office and can help convey your professionalism and preparedness. Whether you’re being interviewed or conducting the interview, the proper setting helps. Even if you’re a video conferencing veteran, renting a room can help liven up your scenery. A meeting room rental can help you deal with the logistics of presentations or audiences of in-person and remote attendees. Business is dynamic, and your needs change frequently. Rather than owning a space, renting a meeting room is much more cost effective in almost any scenario. 

Renting a Meeting Room

Now that you know why you should consider renting a meeting room for video interview or teleconference needs, you need to know what to look for. Meeting rooms come in many sizes and configurations, and it often comes down to the features, amenities, and cost when it’s time to make a decision. Not every meeting room is perfect for your needs. Some rooms provide more than you’d ever need, meaning you’re paying to rent things you won’t use. Other meeting rooms may be overpriced or misrepresented by the property owner. You don’t want to show up on meeting day to discover your interview room is a cinder block room in some office basement. 

So when you’re narrowing down your search, consider how much information you’re being given. Places that aren’t upfront with cost, don’t provide photographs of the room, or don’t provide easy scheduling are putting up major red flags. Instead, look for rooms that have a number of available images; the best places will provide you a chance to visit the site in person for a tour before you pay a dime. 

When you’re looking at a room, you need to ensure that it has what you need. Location is important. Is it easy to get to this place during rush hour? Is it on a bus line, or do they offer free parking? You need to find a room that has included and reliable wifi, as well as the other A/V equipment you might need to do video interviews or meetings. If you’re able to tour the space, run an internet speed test from your phone and compare it with what you need for reliable video conferencing. Take note of how busy it is around the room. Is break room chatter going to be a distraction? You’re spending your money to rent a room, so make sure it’s worth it! 

Many coworking spaces provide meeting rooms for rent, and finding the one that’s right for you is key. Check around online for reviews and customer testimonials. Even if you’re new to the area or don’t know anyone local who has rented before, you should find plenty of objective opinions on the space. Reviews aren’t quite everything, but they do give you a good idea of what to expect and can help rule out some definite no’s early in your search. Some spaces offer a variety of rooms that vary in size and rates, so your options should fit whatever needs you have. Don’t get saddled with a massive boardroom for a one-on-one video interview. Selecting the right room comes down to your specific taste in many situations, so if you see a room with a theme that speaks to you, go for it. It might be a one-time need for you right now, but finding a work space that will be available in the future is also a good idea. 

Where to Rent a Meeting Room for Your Interview

Finding the right room does depend on a number of factors, and location is definitely key. Simply searching “meeting rooms for rent near me” in Nashville will provide no shortage of results. When you’ve narrowed your search based on your specific needs using some of the advice we’ve offered, you should still have a few choices. 

Center 615 is the definitive option for people looking to rent a meeting room for a day. Here’s why you should consider Center 615 when renting a meeting room for your interview. We offer eight different meeting rooms, each with a unique theme and different amenities to suit a variety of needs. If you’re doing a remote interview, chances are you don’t need much space. The hitchhiker room is a C615 option that won’t disappoint. Rates start at just $30 an hour to rent this room, and it’s spacious enough to hold five people comfortably. But if it’s just you, that’s fine too. Here you’ll have a quiet and private space, a large table, and four chairs. The room also has hardwired ethernet connections for even faster internet, so you aren’t dropping from the Zoom call or struggling to get a point across through latency. Want to spread out? That’s fine too, as we have plenty of other options with more tech, more space, and more character. Many other smaller rooms have rates starting at $55 per hour, so you’re not breaking the bank when going bigger. 

At Center 615, your satisfaction is critical, so we strive to provide a balance between budget and accommodations, and if you’re in the market for meeting space, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to see more of what Center 615 has to offer, schedule a tour of our coworking and meeting spaces today.

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