5 Questions to Ask When Touring a Meeting Room or Coworking Space

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So, you’ve settled on a viable location for your personal or business meeting room or coworking space; what now? Before you sign a lease or book some time, make sure you’re getting exactly what you need with a tour. 

Tour Time

Any coworking space worth its salt is going to offer a free tour. After all, you’re going to be spending hours of your life there working, hosting meetings, or both. When you’re on that tour, don’t hesitate to ask questions so you know that all your needs are considered and are being met. But if this is your first time in a coworking space, you might not know exactly what you need yet. Don’t worry! Here are our top coworking space and meeting room questions to ask during your tour. 

Five Questions to Ask When Touring a Meeting Room or Coworking Space

1. How Long Do Your Clients Stay With You?

This question is important for job interviews and tours of coworking spaces. How well a coworking space can retain customers is a very important factor to analyze before committing to a rental. If everyone tries a space but only a quarter of them return, that’s a red flag. You want to work in a place that brings people back month after month. When you ask this question, don’t expect exact statistics, but even how it’s answered can be very telling. If the person giving the tour doesn’t seem happy to answer the question, you may already have your answer. The reason people don’t go back to a coworking space or rent meeting rooms from them multiple times usually lies in the quality of the space. Maybe it’s as simple as the parking being a nightmare or as abstract as the vibes being off. No matter the reason, it’s important to consider why a coworking space can’t keep customers around.

2. What Are My Options?

Coworking spaces and meeting rooms are generally offered with a variety of options. From the type of desk and work setup you should expect in a coworking space to which meeting room you need and what it includes, your choices are plentiful at most work spaces. When we give coworking space tips, one of the first things we encourage you to ask is: what do I get for my money? A meeting room or coworking space is an investment in your business. Whether you freelance, own a startup, or just miss the office since going remote, you are taking a financial risk to better your work or meetings. It’s only fair and natural to ask about aspects like money and what different levels of membership can get you. 

At a coworking space like Center 615, there are multiple options for renting a coworking space or meeting room. There are 8 meeting rooms on the campus, each with its own personality and practical uses. When looking at the coworking side of things, you can choose a day pass, drifter desk, or a designated desk. Day passes are affordable ways to get a feel for the space, or just when you need to take a break from working at home for the day. At $25 per day, a day pass is a good way to give yourself your own little tour of the facility and see how it feels to work in before committing to a rental. There are tons of places to work at Center 615, so a drifter desk means you’re never forced to be in the same place every day. Designated desks are your own personal cubicle and lockable drawer with all the independence they bring. You can have your privacy but still feel the energy of the work going on around you in a coworking space. 

3. Is This Office Pet Friendly?

Maybe you’re not aware of the significant benefits of bringing your dog to work with you, but rest assured there are plenty besides never being apart from your furry companion. Dogs in the workspace can help foster communication, creativity, and give a general mood boost to the office. If your dog is a huge part of your life (and of course they are), then how cool is it to bring them to work with you? Of all the perks and amenities a coworking space can offer, this is probably the least common, but if your dog being around while you get things done is a must, it’s a question you need to ask upfront. 

4. When Can I Access My Meeting Room or Coworking Space? 

Having the ability to access your space for work or meetings at any time (with notice in some cases) is important if you’re the sort of person who works when the mood is right. The best coworking spaces will allow 24/7 keycard access to your workspace. That sometimes depends on the sort of work situation you have established there because day passes and drifter desks may not be accessible 24/7. But if you rent a designated desk in a coworking space, check to see if your agreement gives you full-time access. Coworking spaces are generally staffed 24/7 if they offer the amenities to coworkers, so even if you’re just renting a meeting room, you may have access at any time you need it. Generally, after-hours meeting room rentals may cost a bit more and require advance notice, however. It doesn’t hurt to know these details for when you’re planning a teleconference with a client on the other side of the world. 

5. What Amenities Are Available?

What should I look for in a coworking space? Coworking spaces usually offer excellent perks to make sure you’re having fun and are comfortable at work. On the business side, a coworking space should offer stable internet (hardwire and wifi), printer access, meeting room access, and free parking. A great coworking space will have notary services available and mailboxes for clients who need to receive mail and packages (hint: Center 615 does this). But it’s not just the professional amenities you need to check on. What kinds of amenities are available that make things easier for you on a personal level? A break room with a well-supplied tea and coffee cupboard is critical for refueling and socializing. Does the coworking space have a gym or meditation room? Can you take a nap there? Chances are, the space you’re touring is happy to brag about everything it can offer, but it never hurts to ask questions that are relevant to what you need to work comfortably. 

Don’t Settle for a Questionable Coworking SpaceCenter 615 is a coworking space that offers a variety of options for coworking and meeting room rentals, and we’d love to give you a tour and answer all your burning questions. No matter what you need, we’re here to help make work feel like a place you want to be.

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