Bring Your Pet to Work Every Day with Dog-Friendly Work Spaces

Dog laying down in a dog-friendly office.

Dogs really are humanity’s best friends, but owning a dog is a real responsibility. In the past, the idea of a dog in the workplace was out of the question, but things are quickly changing. Dog-friendly workspaces are growing in popularity, and there are plenty of good reasons why you might be better off bringing your furry friend into work. 

Things to Know About Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Does Bringing Your Dog to Work Help Your Dog?

Let’s answer the most important question up front. Should you really bring your pet to work? Fortunately, the answer is a near-resounding yes. If you’re wondering first and foremost whether it’s healthy for your dog to come to work, congrats! You’re a great pet owner. A pet’s well-being is critical, so wanting to make sure that they’ll be happy at work with you is very important. Luckily for us and our dogs, it seems that dogs do benefit greatly from coming to work with us. Whether you leave for five minutes or five hours, your dog probably puts that same sad look on. The excitement when you return is almost worth being away all day, but what if you didn’t have to be apart while you worked? Dogs are generally far more stimulated and enriched when involved in their owners’ day-to-day routine, and since work is a large portion of our day, this is an incredible opportunity to share your life with your pet. 

An unstimulated dog stuck at home can get into all kinds of trouble, and that’s not good for you or your dog. If your dog is an angel when you’re with them but a furniture-destroying tornado when you’re gone, it might just be that your dog needs more to do. Taking your dog to work with you helps keep your dog from getting bored, and that means that problem behaviors aren’t happening. We all love our dogs and would do anything for them, but not having to worry about them hurting themselves or wrecking the house when we’re gone would be nice, wouldn’t it? Dog-friendly work spaces can give you a new level of peace of mind. 

Whether your dog has a serious case of separation anxiety or just seems to be happier on the weekends when you’re spending all your time together, being able to take your dog to work is an attractive workplace amenity. While many jobs may have a bring your pet to work day, not many employers offer this perk year-round. But the number of dog-friendly work spaces is growing. In the age of coworking spaces, pet-friendly work has seen a huge boom. And there are a lot of great reasons for that. We know that our dogs are enriched by coming to work with us, but could it really help us get our work done too?

Does Bringing Your Dog to Work Benefit You?

Dogs are great icebreakers, and they can help us make new friends and get out of our comfort zones. But how does a dog play into work in a dog-friendly coworking space? Dogs are our best friends, but that doesn’t mean we stop socializing with other human beings. Your furry friend is a great icebreaker for people to talk to you and for you to talk to them. Some of the best friendships are forged around pet ownership. And that seems to be true of healthy and productive workplace relationships too. Whether your coworkers are stopping by your desk to pet your dog or going on walks during breaks with you and your pet, those interactions can be fruitful for collaboration and productivity. Feeling personally closer to people you work with or alongside in a coworking space can make your work feel more rewarding, so doing it with your dog is doubly beneficial. 

Many studies have indicated that a dog in the workplace can help reduce stress in people working near the dog. A pet encourages a number of healthy workplace behaviors, like taking breaks and walking, as well as socially engaging with others to discuss things besides work. A dog is a useful ally when forging friendships with your coworkers, and these friendships can blossom into collaborations and opportunities for new work. 

Are All Dogs Ready for Work?

When you first bring your pet to work, you might get some weird looks or curious questions about his or her general temperament. It’s important to note that not every dog is cut out for coming along to work. Dogs can be loud, messy, restless, and in some instances aggressive toward other animals or people. Dogs like this are equally deserving of love, but they may not be right for coming into work with you. If you have the ability to work from home, spending time with your dog at home in their comfort zone can be the blessing you need. Dog obedience classes are also great ways to get your dog used to social interactions with strangers and other dogs so that they can be your work companion later on. A well-trained dog takes work, but their love and presence are amazingly helpful for reducing stress at work. 

If you’re in the Nashville area and you searched “dog friendly work spaces near me,” odds are you’ve been exposed to Center 615. Center 615 is a coworking space that puts the community first, and yes, it is a dog-friendly work space. They even have dog treats at the front desk!  At Center 615, the dog lovers are plentiful, so don’t hesitate to come work at our spacious campus and bring your canine companion alongside you! Interested in learning more? Contact us for a free tour of Center 615 so you can ensure you’re taking your dog to work in a space that fits their needs as well as yours.

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