How to Find Cool Coworking Spaces for Your Professional Endeavor

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Home offices are great for some people and downright impossible to maintain for others. Whether you’ve got trouble focusing or simply lack space, you might be looking for ways to work remotely away from home. If you’re in the market for a cool coworking space for your professional endeavor, we’ve got you covered. 

Defining a Coworking Space

With the steady rise of remote work opportunities, a need arose for people who were unable to work at home. Maybe your employer doesn’t have a physical office space, or you moved cross-country. No matter your reasons, you deserve the option of a physical workspace that’s not your living room, bedroom, or home office. That’s where coworking spaces come in.

A coworking space is a space in which employees of different companies share a single office space. Unless you coordinate it with colleagues at your job, you won’t be working alongside any of your coworkers in a coworking space. Rather, a coworking office space offers a communal workplace for a variety of people in a variety of job sectors. 

Technically, public places like libraries and coffee shops can be coworking spaces by the loose definition given above, but we’re talking about places designed for coworking. There are a variety of different coworking space examples that fit this criteria, too. Not every coworking space is built the same way or with the same needs in mind. Some coworking spaces actually consist exclusively of private offices with shared amenities. Other coworking spaces are made specifically for tech startups and incubating ideas, with tech mentors owning and operating the space who are looking to invest and seed new companies.

The best coworking spaces are made with the remote workforce in mind, and the amenities and benefits coworking these spaces offer should be their top priority. The industry is relatively new, but the practice works well and has proven itself as a great way for remote workers to have the office experience they once lacked. But it’s not just about having a desk away from home, coworking can do a great deal for your professional career. 

The Professional Benefits of Coworking

Coworking is, at its core, a social endeavor designed to play home to creative collaboration and forging new business relationships. A community-focused coworking office space for professionals will seek to amplify and enhance your work, provide you with the time and space to flourish, and help you find new friends and perhaps forge business connections. Many people find coworking vastly improves their productivity, especially when compared to working remotely at home. Seeing great work happening around you can be inspiring and can improve your work ethic. If you struggle to stay accountable for your own time when you’re cooped up at home, the social connections formed at work can help share accountability and inspire you to buckle down and get things done. 

Social connections and personal growth are just the beginning of coworking, too. Professional collaboration can lead to new innovation and even help form new companies and partnerships that would have never had the opportunity to emerge without physical proximity. It happens more than you think in coworking spaces. Whether you’re working alongside other Nashville entrepreneurs or remote workers from a broad spectrum of industries, you never know what might happen when you work alongside so many others with different backgrounds and ambitions. 

Looking for a Coworking Space

Now that you’re familiar with coworking spaces, you may be wondering: what makes for a cool coworking space? The benefits and amenities that coworking spaces may offer can vary drastically, and you’ll ideally see them justified in your month-to-month rate or rent. Coworking space amenities include things like break rooms with free coffee and tea, refrigerators and showers, and entertainment options like TVs or ping-pong/pool tables. Other amenities you don’t want to overlook include a walkable property, outdoor common areas for a breath of fresh air on your breaks, mailbox options for businesses, and 24-hour access to your space. No matter what you’re doing for work, there are just some things you can’t do without. If you need that nap room, find a coworking space that lets you snooze! Your needs are important, and being picky isn’t a bad thing considering you’ll probably spend a significant amount of time there each week. 

Next, you’re going to want to consider what other basic needs you have for a coworking space. Fast internet, reliable connection, and available meeting rooms for breakout sessions are musts. Additionally, consider the things you might be forgetting. Does the coworking space offer free parking and mail reception? Are the chairs comfortable? Is the lighting giving you a headache? The point is, you’ll want to try out a coworking space before committing to anything long-term. A major help offered by many coworking spaces (including Center 615) is an affordable day pass so you can sample the space and amenities – this lets you know what to expect should you go forward with a monthly commitment. 

Coworking at Center 615

If you’re in Nashville and wondering: how do I find my perfect coworking space? Look no further than Center 615. Center 615 is a coworking space that also houses private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, and several local businesses. Spread throughout Nashville, Center 615’s different campuses allow for a few different settings with a cool and unique aesthetic that’s anything but office drab. We’ve got themed meeting rooms, an exercise facility, phone booths,, and even a nap room! No matter your needs, our coworking spaces can help foster productivity, spark creativity, and provide a sense of belonging in Nashville’s working community. 

At Center 615 we pride ourselves on offering a clean, safe, and pleasant coworking space that you can enjoy day in and day out. We’ve got the space handled so that you can get your best work done, and enjoy everything that collaboration can do for your business endeavor. Now that you’re familiar with what coworking is all about, and how Center 615 can help you achieve your professional goals, schedule a tour with us.

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