What Separates a Coworking Space from an Office Space?


Coworking Space vs Office Space

The way we work has undergone massive changes in the last few years, and many people are now working remotely, full-time. Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy the socializing and networking of an office environment, there are coworking office spaces.

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space allows diverse businesses and individuals to work in a shared, amenity-rich environment either on their own or collaboratively. At the same time, these spaces provide businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with the flexibility to scale up or down without financial repercussions.

Curing Remote Work Headaches

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s hard to work when family, roommates, or pets are also at home. The temptation to check our phones or turn on the news for just a few minutes can be overwhelming. Before you know it, you’ve wasted precious time by procrastinating. Studies have shown that people in office settings are more productive, so if your output has been suffering at home, a coworking office space may be immensely helpful. 

Working from home isn’t ideal for everyone. Work offers a chance to get out of the house and greatly reduces the distractions we face at home each day. Contractors and employers alike are looking for a way to reclaim that office feeling without slipping back into the old ways. Coworking spaces are places of collaboration, creativity, and endless networking opportunities. If you want to get to know your community, grow your business, and make new connections with other self-starters, a coworking space is just what you need. 

Having your own space dedicated to work can be vastly beneficial to your mental health, too. A healthy work-life balance is far easier to achieve when your work isn’t always happening where you live.

The Price is Right

An office and coworking space share many similarities, but for many of us, a traditional office just isn’t an option. Between sky-high building leases, hiring security, maintenance and janitorial services, etc., small business owners can’t justify the costs of an office. Besides that, you have to provide additional space for meeting rooms, break rooms, common areas, showers, and other amenities employees have come to expect from working. 

A coworking space can provide all of the above and more. There is a lot to consider when it comes to properly furnishing an office space, but a coworking space takes all that stress away so you can focus on your business. It’s no secret that remote work may be hindering productivity, communication, and morale among your employees. A coworking space is the perfect solution for the seemingly inescapable, stuffy, and overpriced traditional office buildings that you’re used to.

Leases are massive commitments for any business owner to take on, and getting locked into a long contract with a subpar office is the last thing you need. Coworking spaces are much more adaptable to your needs, and at Center 615, we don’t hold you to interminably long contracts or leases. Businesses change over time, and you need a space that can change with you!

The Adaptability of a Coworking Space

The benefits of coworking spaces extend beyond productivity and cost. What happens if you’re leasing an office and your staffing needs suddenly skyrocket? A good thing just became a huge problem – you need to find more office space, and fast. You’re faced with looking into leasing at a second location and splitting your workforce or leaving your current space. That’s a colossal headache and a very real problem for a growing business. Fortunately, a coworking space is prepared to grow with you. Multiple suites can be clustered together for making modular additions to your space, and space at Center 615 is plentiful.

Unique Benefits for Individuals

If you’re working from home and feel cooped up or distracted (or you’re looking to start a contracting job), a coworking space is the perfect place for you. What makes a coworking space unique? Heading into an office and being exposed to people performing all kinds of jobs, from self-employment to collaborating with twenty-person teams, can be incredibly inspiring. Meeting other self-employed people can foster new business opportunities, offer inspiration and insight for developing your career, and just lend a chance to socialize with like-minded people in similar situations.

Our different workspaces begin with floating Drifter Desks, available from 8:00am to 8:00pm, seven days a week, meaning you don’t have to hold a “normal” schedule to enjoy the benefits that coworking brings. If you rent a Designated Desk, there’s no limit at all. Enjoy access to your workspace 24/7, 365. Burn the midnight oil or start your day bright and early –  it’s all possible here. If you’re unsure of whether you’ll like coworking, Day Passes are just $25 a day. Give it a try! Unlike other offices, we don’t hold you to long leases. The rental agreements are on a month-to-month basis, meaning you can come and go as you need. If money is tight, don’t sweat it. 

Our workspaces are highly modern and stylish, too. No one wants to stare at beige walls and beige carpets and sit in uncomfortable chairs for 8 hours a day. That’s not how anyone does their best work. Creativity is best fostered in an environment that’s anything but typical, so we don’t do drab interiors. Outdoor common space is plentiful too, so you can get outside for some fresh air and still have a place to work. Enjoy amenities like free parking, free WiFi, coffee and tea, fitness area, and even a meditation/nap room. 

So many things separate a coworking space from an office, ranging from the things you don’t think you’d notice – like amenities and social opportunities – to massive differences in cost and atmosphere. Coworking is the better option for freelancers and business owners alike because everyone enjoys flexibility and simplicity. If you’re looking for coworking space in Nashville, look no further than the many offerings from Center 615. Give us a call today, or visit our website to schedule a tour of your perfect coworking space.

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