Level Up Your Legal Practice With a Meeting Space in a Central Location

Meeting space in Nashville.

Legal practices are fast paced, dynamic, and constantly evolving workplaces that require a great deal of flexibility. With the modern, remote work landscape being what it is today, getting everyone together can be a challenge. Here’s how you can level up your legal practice with a centrally located meeting space. 

Why Your Team Needs a Meeting Space

The Benefits of a Meeting Space

A meeting space should be a neutral location that’s easily accessible and comfortable for everyone involved in the meeting. Whether you need to review the case with colleagues, clients, or prospective clients, a meeting space is a great way to make a good impression. But what else can a meeting room do for you that a Zoom space can’t? In the legal industry, you know better than anyone else that clients can come from all walks of life, and they all have different levels of experience with technology. While you might be comfortable doing most of your business at home, a residence isn’t a great place for a meeting. Your clients may not be able to use Zoom or may have technical issues that prevent a good connection. Some clients may flat-out refuse to meet online. Many people prefer in-person meetings, and accommodating diverse needs is something you’re used to. A physical space is immensely helpful, but landing one can seem like a major challenge. Fortunately, finding meeting rooms for rent in your area doesn’t have to be a headache. 

Whether your firm has office space or not, meeting rooms are prime real estate. Most legal issues call for a high level of privacy, and finding a quiet room is sometimes easier said than done. Don’t settle for a coffee shop or a library meeting room. While these options are cheaper or free, they don’t offer you the same level of professionalism that a central meeting room can. No matter what type of law you practice, you’re a public-facing individual. Having an easily accessible meeting space can make the difference between a new client and a lost opportunity. Meeting rooms are also scientifically proven to be far better for productivity and information absorption than meeting online. Interacting with another person in the same physical space helps to reduce distractions, which we all know are all too abundant in a home office. Face-to-face meetings are far more effective at communicating concepts, whether to clients or among colleagues. When you’re working a fast-paced case, getting your team on the same page quickly is critical. No matter how good you are at navigating a digital meeting and scheduling time, there are going to be things missed in emails and stuttery video conferences. Being able to read and interpret body language and other nonverbal cues is a major part of human interaction. Meeting rooms make sure that you can actually have a chance to see and register these things. Getting a feel for how a client may behave in a courtroom or boardroom before your trial is vital. So now that you know why a meeting room is important for your legal practice, how do you find the right one?

What Makes a Great Meeting Space?

Finding great legal practice meeting spaces near Nashville, TN is easy if you know what to look for. A good meeting room will be located in the downtown area of a city, making it easily accessible to all relevant parties, even people from out of town. This is important for ensuring that no one feels put out by the location. It’s easy to offend a person when you’ve asked them to travel 45 minutes from home in rush hour traffic. 

When it comes to the room itself, you want to make sure you have ample space for the number of guests. There’s nothing quite like being cramped together with too many people in a room that just isn’t large enough. It can ruin the whole vibe of a meeting and make you appear ill-prepared or cheap. Ample seating and space are a must. Good A/V setups are also important. Even if everyone can’t get to the meeting room physically, you need the infrastructure available to host remote members of the team or clients calling in. A great meeting room will have good, reliable internet and a large enough display with easy connectors for hooking up laptops and tablets. It’s also important to have good visuals in a meeting, so a powerful display for your presentations is also a must. 

How to Rent a Meeting Space

The best way to rent a meeting room is to shop around. Find out what’s in your area and take a look at their offerings. Not every meeting space is part of a larger coworking space, but usually these things are bundled together. This is a great advantage for you because it means the existing tech and infrastructure for things like high-speed internet and facilities like restrooms and break rooms are all available. Most modern meeting room rentals are booked online, usually via Google calendars or another similar program. These tools make it easy to see what’s available and when, as well as book your room and pay for it all online. If you’re hesitant to dive in without sampling things, check what they offer in terms of tours or day passes. These are excellent ways to try out a space on your own and get a good idea of what it offers before you have your meetings. Many meeting room providers are more than happy to show off their facilities with a tour, so take advantage of that opportunity to ask questions and see what’s on offer. 

Looking for a unique meeting space in Nashville? Your research has probably turned up Center 615 as an option, and for good reason. We’re Nashville’s prime coworking space located in the Five Points neighborhood, and we offer 8 unique meeting rooms that can meet your legal practice’s needs. Whether you’re with a small team, taking the spartan approach, or giving a presentation to up to 13 other people, we have you covered. We have onsite staff ready to support you and answer any questions too, so the process can be smooth. Focus on your pitch or your strategy meeting, and let Center 615 handle the rest.

Ready to give Center 615 a try? Book a free tour with us today! We’d be happy to show you around and explain how we can help level up your legal practice’s meetings.

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