What’s the Best Time of Day to Rent a Meeting Room?

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There are many reasons you may need a meeting room in this fast-paced workplace. Whether it’s for a brainstorming session, a monthly check-in, or a marathon coding session, meeting rooms can be the tool that helps you get the job done. But does timing matter when you’re renting a meeting room? Read on and learn the ins and out of meeting room rental in the modern remote work landscape. 

What to Know About Renting a Meeting Room

How to Rent a Meeting Room 

Whether you’ve never rented a meeting room before or this is your 50th time, it doesn’t hurt to explore the benefits of a meeting room and how to find meeting rooms for rent near you. So what do meeting rooms offer in the post-COVID work landscape? No matter your industry, you’re going to be working with people. Whether these people are clients, employees, coworkers, or customers, having a neutral space to meet makes sure everyone is putting their best foot forward in your meeting. When a noisy coffee shop just won’t cut it (and has a coffee shop ever been the best meeting place?), a meeting room is the perfect place to find quiet and privacy. 

Rentable meeting rooms also come with several perks and benefits. When you rent a meeting room for a day, you aren’t being choosy if you’re expecting some add-ons. Good meeting rooms offer the audio-visual solutions you need to bring in remote employees on screen alongside your in-person team members. You shouldn’t need to worry about things like parking fees for your team or clients, nor the wi-fi connection of the room you’re in. If that’s not included in the rental, it’s not a good rental.

The Best Time of Day to Rent a Meeting Room

Is there really an ideal time of day to rent a meeting room? Well, yes and no. That question can really go two ways: is there a perfect time of day to host a meeting in a meeting room, or is there an ideal time of day to reserve a meeting room? Let’s answer both questions.

First: is there a best time of day for a meeting? Yes, there is. In a typical 9 to 5 workday, it’s been observed that the most productive time for a meeting is Tuesday at 2:30pm. No, really—we’re not making that up! This is based on a study that looked at when meetings were most accepted and when they were most productive. The perfect time is apparently 2:30pm on a Tuesday. It’s not too early in the day that your people are groggy, it’s far enough from lunch that people aren’t just getting back to work, and it’s also far enough from the end of the day that nobody is watching the clock. People are amenable to this time because it just works. 

Now for the other question: when is the best time of day to be looking for open meeting rooms? That’s a different story. When renting a room, the earlier, the better. As soon as you have a time in mind, book that space. Most modern meeting room rental spaces have up-to-date calendars online so you can check availability whenever and wherever you may be.  

That said, there’s no bad time for a meeting, either. Got a team full of night owls? Meeting rooms can sometimes accommodate late-night check-ins or crunches that burn the midnight oil. Maybe you need to do a Zoom call with an overseas client at a time that’s convenient for them. Your needs for a meeting room can vary, and a good provider of meeting room spaces will recognize that and offer options that work for you. 

Center 615’s Unique Meeting Room Opportunities

With all this new knowledge on what meeting rooms offer and when you should be having your meetings, there remains the question of locale. If you’re in or around Nashville, you’re in luck. Center 615 is a coworking and office space that offers our customers a unique and fun work experience. Our modern campus can host dozens of people in coworking spaces, private offices, and event spaces. 

At Center 615, we offer a variety of meeting rooms for rent, with different aesthetic themes and a broad range of needs in mind. There are eight meeting rooms on the Center 615 campus, and they all cover your basic needs. Comfortable seating, free fiber-optic wi-fi, A/V connections in every room for presentations—we’ve got you. But let’s take a look at a few of our specific meeting rooms to see what Center 615 can do for your business. 

One of the coolest rooms at Center 615 is the Zaphod Room. This spacious room seats up to 14 people comfortably, has a massive LED display for screenings or presentations, and only runs $85 per hour during business hours. For a more classic, sophisticated room, the Draper Room might be perfect for you. Boasting a massive conference table and seven cozy leather office chairs, you can brainstorm in style and comfort.

If you’re still fuzzy on when to rent a meeting room, we’ve got you covered. Our online calendars allow you to book spaces and get a feel for how often meeting rooms are used. It’s also a good way to see which rooms are most popular, which ones have downtime, and when. 

So what are you waiting for? Scheduling a meeting room at Center 615 is quick and easy, and we’re always ready to show you around. And if you’re looking to rent a private office space, meeting rooms are free at Center 615 for members! Book a tour of the campus or sign up for a room today on our website.

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