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A beloved gem in East Nashville, Goobuy Girls was established in 2010 by Nashville native Tanya and her best friend Kim (who has moved to pursue other passions since). With the transition from Idea Hatchery to Five Points Alley Shops, Goodbuy Girls—alongside other phenomenal, locally owned retailers—became part of the C615 family.

The quaint shop sells vintage clothing and handmade goods. Featured in publications from Condé Nast to Vogue, C615 had the privilege of asking owner Tanya Montana Coe questions about her affinity for vintage cowgirl boots and love for Five Points.

Tanya Montana Coe, owner of Goodbuy Girls

Tanya, what drove you to start Goodbuy Girls with your friend Kim?

I had left my previous accounting job to “take a year off” with no plans. Kim and I loved thrifting together and had started selling clothes online. One night Kim called wanting me to look at a retail space for rent in East Nashville. It was only $300 a month. She wanted me to go in on it with her, just to have somewhere to store our clothes and use it as a hangout space, so I didn’t see any harm. We were only open on Saturdays in the beginning.

Why did Goodbuy Girls move from Shoppes on Fatherland to Five Points Alley Shops?

The first location was off the beaten path, and we had dismal foot traffic. Even with the low overhead, we were barely making it. We had to decide to either move the shop into a more expensive space in Five Points and hope for the best, or to close up shop. So we moved to Five Points!

When did you become interested in vintage clothes?

Growing up, my mom had a mega vault of amazing vintage. So I always loved it. But it wasn’t until I started to play music and opened the shop that I really became aware of my love and passion for vintage. 

Infamous gallery of cowgirl boots at Goodbuy Girls

Why should people support small, local businesses over big retail?

It just makes you feel better. When you support local business, you know that your money is going to not only support someone’s dream but your local community as well. A sense of community is important, and small businesses are a big part of that. So support local business when you can.

What do you love most about the Five Points Alley Shops community?

I love the sense of support! We all help each other out and look out for one another’s businesses, it’s really nice. I also love showing up to work every day, grabbing my coffee from Bongo, and greeting everyone. I feel very lucky to be a part of the Five Points Alley Shops community. 

Who do you look to for inspiration and guidance?

No person in particular, but everything inspires me. I’m easily inspired. I love what I do. I love my life, and my enthusiasm keeps me going. 

If you could sum up the benefits of being your own boss in 1-2 sentences, what would you say?

I love the confidence it has given me. The shop has shown me what I am capable of accomplishing.

You have 2 albums out, perform live when you can, and have a song placement on NBC’s Chicago Fire Season 9 (congrats!). Is there a third album in the works?

Music has taken a backseat through the pani but I’m sure a third album isn’t too far off 😉

One or the other – Would you rather spend a pretty penny on . . .

  1. Cowgirl boots or candles? – Cowgirl boots 100%
  2. Lipstick or smudge stick? – Cannot live without my lipstick
  3. Bandana or Bolo Tie? – Bandana

C615 would like to thank Tanya for the opportunity to interview her and highlight her Nashville retail business, Goodbuy Girls.

This article has been edited for brevity and clarity.

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