Member Spotlight | Building Company Number 7

Matthew Millsap, owner of Building Company Number 7, has been a Center 615 member for over 5 years.

We have watched his company grow into what they are today – one of the Top 500 Remodelers in the nation!

More From Our Conversation with Matt:

Matt:  We’re intermixed with a bunch of small companies and we are all on our own, so to be able to be among other small companies is very beneficial. You get the networking, and Center 615 does a fantastic job at creating community which is a very big deal for my company.  When you create that community, it creates many opportunities.

We could leave but we don’t because of the community and just being able to have an office where we can use conference rooms and put on a presentation that you could not do if you were working from home. We wouldn’t give this space up for the world. I love it and my employees love it.

One of the great things Center 615 does is that they allow you to grow your company easily within the space. When we were growing, we didn’t have to wait for our lease to end to move into a new space, we were able to be flexible and move around in our lease. Once we were busting at the seams, we upgraded to the next size up office to fit our needs. Now, we are currently deciding on our next space within Center 615.

When you have clients visit, you can reserve a conference room and you can sit clients down and give a killer presentation which you can’t do if you’re just renting a buddy’s closet or working from home.

Center 615: What’s next for Building Company Number 7?

Matt: We’re going to take on a larger office space and take advantage of the storage space that Center 615 is building out as well as other perks that we are going to need. So, growth is next for us and we’re going to grow grow grow and hold tight for a bit.



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