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Member Spotlight | GoEpps

By Beth Heflin

GoEpps is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the Southeast and is headquartered at Center 615. They run campaigns for companies all across the United States and have been at Center 615 since July 2013. Initially, they were excited to have the awesome address of 615 Main Street, but since then have really enjoyed being in a community with other businesses that are growing!

¬†Michael Epps Utley says “for the team members to be able to come in and go to things like happy hour…its not distracting from work its more of an enhancement and really makes it more of an attractive place to bring people in, keep them engaged in what they are doing and be a part of the life of the city. “

GoEpps and all Center 615 members get unlimited use of our conference rooms on campus. They host a podcast in one of our meeting rooms.

Founder of GoEpps, Michael Utley


Chris Raines of Bullhorn Media


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