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Spendsetter, an innovative brand advocacy start-up, moved into the Loft at Center 615 the beginning of January. Spendsetter was founded by Jason Weaver in 2014, right here in Nashville. Weaver also founded Shoutlet, a leading Social Media Management platform, and Spendship, a Mobile Loyalty Platform – successfully exiting from both. He’s also an author, having published Manager’s Guide to Online Marketing. Weaver is a thought-leader in social media and mobile marketing. Spendsetter “provides clients with a complete playbook of recommendations on how to best use our mobile advocacy platform to reach their most important business goals.” Welcome to campus, Spendsetter!

Spendsetter’s Creative Director, Bryan Kemp, gave us some insight into Spendsetter’s commitment to helping all types of businesses establish specific marketing tailored to their brand:

Q: Tell me about Spendsetter.

A: Spendsetter is a Brand Advocacy platform that harnesses the power of your superfans and gives you the fastest, most nimble way to build a focused, sustainable network of the people who love you most. Our white-labeled iOS and android apps give your fans a sense of connection through promotions, discussions, voting, rewards, product feedback and more.

Q: What is your company’s manifesto?
A: Unleash the Superfans!

Q: Can you speak a little about what advocacy marketing is and why it’s a beneficial plan for brands?
A: The current digital marketing environment makes it very difficult for brands to have authentic relationships with their biggest fans. Our platform removes those barriers and allows brands to connect directly with their fans on the devices they use most so they can easily share insights, content and word-of-mouth advertising.

Q: Who is your typical client?
A: Our platform works very well with any company that has people who are passionate about their brand, regardless of the industry.

Q: How is advocacy marketing achieved successfully?
A: By paying attention to and noticing the most important people to your brand. Passionate customers want to share and recommend on behalf of the brand(s) they love, we simply provide a platform to achieve this.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Center 615’s campus so far?
A: Being in the middle of some of our favorite local businesses and eateries is probably the number one thing, not to mention most of us live on the east side.

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