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Conference room in Nashville.

Meeting Room Amenities that Make All the Difference

In the remote and hybrid landscape of the modern workplace, in-person meetings remain an important way to get things done. Since most meetings are now hosted in rented rooms dedicated to the remote workforce, the amenities provided have become more important. Read on to learn which conference room amenities are necessary for you to have a great check-in. 

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A meeting room

Need a Place to Meet With Your Team Fast? Try These Four Ideas

Impromptu meetings can be excellent opportunities to get things done quickly with your team, but finding the right location for these last-minute gatherings can be challenging. Here are some tips for finding the space to meet with your team quickly, because it’s always possible to get things done if you’re willing to get crafty!

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An in-person business meeting

Why In-Person Meetings Can Be More Effective Than Remote Calls

Conducting a meeting in today’s business landscape looks drastically different than it did just a few years ago. Meetings in the same physical space have many benefits despite corporate America’s shift into hybrid or fully remote settings. Here’s why in-person meetings can be more effective than remote calls.

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