How a Production Space Rental Can Transform Your Creative Process

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Renting a production space for your photography or film project can solve many problems. Learn how a production space rental can transform your creative process and help relieve a lot of headaches along the way. If you’re working on creating something unique and need to find the space to get it done right here in Nashville, read on for tips on what to do and details about our creative space.

Benefits of a Production Space

The Importance of Production Spaces

Production spaces are the backbone of independent film, photography, and in recent years, live streaming. No matter what your audiovisual needs are, a production space offers a remote location for creative freedom. Production spaces are large, (usually) fully indoor environments that often boast a variety of technical amenities to make things simpler for your creative production. Whether you’re shooting a commercial, music video, live event, short film, or still photography, you’re going to need a dedicated space for the job. Multipurpose space often looks cheap, and converting a garage or backyard shed just won’t cut it in terms of professionalism. Creative spaces can make a huge difference in your project’s overall quality.

Great artists need a lot of help making their vision a reality. Production studios make it simpler to collaborate, create, and get things done. No matter your creative endeavor, a production studio is crucial for getting it right. Production studios often have green room space for on-screen talent, break rooms, and kitchens for production staff and talent alike, so you can make sure everyone is provided for on your shoot. You don’t want to see the footage a “hangry” cameraman produces – trust us. 

Production spaces are flat-out necessities when it comes to creating audiovisual art these days. Unfortunately, most people don’t have massive buildings lying around where they can just shoot videos or photos whenever they need. Short of buying a commercial space, what can a creative musician, photographer, or filmmaker do? They can look for Nashville studio space for rent!

Why Rent a Production Space? 

Production space rental can take a great deal of pressure off of creatives who aren’t interested in getting bogged down in logistics. When you’re renting a creative space, you don’t have to worry about a lease, building maintenance, or any of the other stressful parts of property management. By renting, you can make sure your focus is on what matters most: your creative vision. 

Besides the fact that you’ll have less on your plate when getting down to creating, your budget is also going to thank you when you rent a production space (as opposed to owning one). In some parts of the country, commercial properties have never been more expensive than they are right now, but renting remains an affordable option with its own perks. Production spaces are important parts of the creative process, but that’s not all that goes into the finished product. When you’re in the planning phases of your creative endeavor, you’re not going to need a production space. When you rent, you have that space when you need it, and only as long as you need it. Don’t worry about sitting around on unused property – let the companies offering production space for rent handle all the heavy lifting.

Another perk of renting a production space is experimenting with different spaces across different projects. Whether you’re using different studios in the same production space from project to project, or jumping to entirely new spaces, renting is a great way to ensure you aren’t locked into one locale. If you own a space, you’re limited to that area. While production spaces are versatile, you may be wondering if the green room is greener on the other side. 

Studio 615 and Your Creative Process

If you’re in need of a production space rental in Nashville, Studio 615 is the spot for you. Studio 615 is over 17,000 square feet of available production space for whatever project you’re working on, with affordable rates and comfortable amenities. Located just ten minutes from the Center 615 office campus, Studio 615 is a creator’s paradise. Three different for-rent studios offer versatility in size, technical offerings, and budgets. 

Looking for a photo studio rental? Two of our studios offer a wealth of natural light and feature two different vibes for whatever you’re looking for. Our Natural Light Studio boasts a massive, glass garage door that lets in beautiful daylight. Neutral colors throughout provide pleasant backgrounds for your shots as well. Thanks to the garage door, getting equipment in and out is a breeze, and the environment is suitable for a variety of aesthetics. Need that perfect CrossFit program promo shot? We’ve got you covered. On weekdays, the studio is available for $150 per hour with a two-hour minimum. On weekends, it’s a 4-hour minimum for $225 per hour. Beautiful and affordable, this is a great place to capture natural light in a professional space. 

The Photographer’s Playground studio at Studio 615 is as advertised. Enjoy natural light and 1,900 square feet of production space to play with. Like the Natural Light Studio, The Photographer’s playground has natural light thanks to a handy glass garage door. Move equipment in and out, or just enjoy the sunshine. Additionally, the studio offers a green room facility with cozy amenities for your cast, clients, and crew. Rates start at $850 for 5 hours, Sunday through Thursday. Check out the photographer’s playground today (swing sets not included)!

Finally, the last studio space is our largest. At 2,000 square feet, the Cyc Studio features a 13-foot tall curved wall that spans 70 feet with NEW LED Lighting! The green room here has 3 makeup stations, private bathrooms, and a shower so you can ensure the talent has everything they need to stay comfortable. Fully LED-lit and color adjustable, this gorgeous studio space is perfect for music videos, commercials, and anything else you can imagine. The studio also features two 200 amp company switches, meaning it can support a lot of tech at once. Rates for this luxurious studio space start at $1,200 for 5 hours, Sunday through Thursday. Experience this cyclorama studio in person – you won’t regret it.

Whether you’re looking for a low-budget production space for photography or a massive, modern studio for a flashy music video, Studio 615 has you covered. We strive to provide an excellent rental experience, from start to finish. We’re excited to work with you and hope you’ll give us a chance to create some magic together. Schedule a tour today or give us a call, we’d be happy to talk further about your production space rental needs.

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