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Elephant in the room: times are uncertain and a lot of businesses are scratching their heads figuring out how to pivot and adapt.

You might be asking yourself the same question right now. We’re here to help you answer that question.

We all feel anxiety and worry at one point or another during the day, and that’s ok. The important part is how you handle that anxiety. Do you let it overwhelm you? Or do you push through and allow it to strengthen your psyche?

For us, we’ve had to adapt to open for Phase One by wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces every two hours, and temporarily holding off some amenities—like coffee.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary tenants of coworking spaces were startup companies looking to get out of the house and network with the diverse community of businesses. As more small business owners need to adjust and cut costs wherever possible, coworking spaces are seeing a decrease in lease renewals. And that’s ok.


Of course, it’s not only small businesses feeling the hurt. Larger businesses also have a new need to cut corners. Paying long-term leases for big office buildings is no longer feasible for some companies.

With the stay-at-home order, more people are realizing the possibilities of working remotely (in other words, working anywhere other than the company’s office). Though, many of us realize working from home may not be the best long-term pivot solution. Daily distractions at home, like partners, kids, and dogs, can cut down on productivity. That’s where coworking comes into play.

Coworking spaces that provide private office space with flexible lease terms, like Center 615, are the solution for businesses to rapidly pivot and cut costs. Shifting employees to work remotely at a coworking space cuts on overhead costs, provides sought-after work hour flexibility, and maintains workplace camaraderie.

Owl Labs remote working 2019 stats to pivot

Need to expand or downsize during your lease period? No problem. Need to have a more flexible lease term? No problem. Need a breath of fresh air and work outside with WiFi access? No problem.

Our lease terms allow for changing suite sizes (aka adjusting rent costs) within your lease. We are also willing to work with your needs to find the best lease term. This flexibility is perfect for a transitioning workforce.

Coworking at Center 615 allows you full control over how, when, and where you work.

We’re here to adapt and pivot with you.


One drawback of working at home is the loss of community.

Go Remotely remote working statistics 2020 for businesses to pivot and adapt

Remote workers don’t have to feel lonely at a coworking space! We prioritize community, collaboration, and creativity at Center 615.

Our 60,000 sq ft layout, including private office spaces and enclosed meeting rooms, allows ample room for everyone in this time of transition to stay 6 feet apart. We offer the autonomy of working remotely with the added benefit of workplace camaraderie.

Yes, it is possible to work alongside a diverse group of businesses safely on our campus! Here is a list of just some of the types of businesses that are part of our driven, innovative community:


Network with your neighbors:

  • law firms
  • accounting
  • insurance companies
  • media / PR
  • online marketing
  • creative professional incubator
  • interior design
  • realty
  • education/educational reform
  • non-profits
  • athletics
  • web design/app design
  • tech services
  • business management/consulting/market research
  • therapy
  • waxing


At a coworking space, necessary expenses such as janitorial services, electricity, water, and internet are covered.

We provide necessary amenities and extra perks such as a fitness center, nap room, meditation room, and ping pong tables for free. Did we mention free parking?

Here’s a breakdown of overhead costs for various sized businesses we can help you cut:

$360 + $165 + $600 + $225 + $40 = $1390/mo avg spending for overhead costs we provide for free!

For an individual, just parking, coffee, & gym = $430/mo 

For a small business, simply janitorial services + internet = $960/mo


For individual remote workers, we offer Drifter Desks for $275/mo and Designated Desks for $400/mo—that’s less than the average monthly cost of amenities we provide for free. You’d be saving money each month through a membership with us!

Let us eliminate all your overhead costs!


Bottom line, we want to help you pivot where we can.

If it makes sense for your startup and employees to stay home, go for it. If it makes sense to have private office space here with the option to downsize, go for it. If you want to quit life and become Tik Tok famous, maybe talk to a trusted friend first?

Before you go, we have one last question for you: wanna play some ping pong?

ping pong East Nashville coworking amenities eliminate overhead Center 615 pivot business
Take a breather and play ping pong with us on campus (we’ll be sure to stay 6 ft apart)


Follow these links to learn more about your coworking options and private office options.

Already know you want to see the space for yourself? Schedule your tour! (we offer virtual tours as well)

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