What We’ve Accomplished Since March 3, 2020

What have you accomplished in 2020? Take a moment, think, and appreciate all your hard work.

Affirmation is crucial for mental health, especially these days. We all love hearing compliments from others, and sometimes affirmation can come from within ourselves.

Being a coworking space affected by the March 2020 tornado and subsequent COVID restrictions (like a lot of us in East Nashville), we’re taking a moment to pat ourselves on the back for everything we’ve accomplished since that howling night.

In the name of mental health and community, here is our list of accomplishments to better our space for you, our coworking family.

Bricks awning replaced

At . . .

Main: • New roof (One of our HVAC units fell and left a hole in the Central Wing, so we took that opportunity to replace the roof also on the East and West Wings) • Replaced water damaged drywall plus a coat of fresh paint • Replaced water damaged carpet • Replaced West Wing stair tread • Replaced damaged ceiling tiles • Replaced damaged firewalls, network ports, and electrical outlets • New CoTable • Replaced shattered windows • Replaced break room refrigerator handles from members breaking them because they had been locked in their own homes for too long (LOL) • New Front Desk storage • 3 new sound proof phone booths • New camera and microphone in Zaphod for better virtual meetings! • Lines repainted in parking lots • Replaced West Wing door • New West Wing artwork from Matthew J. WalkerReplaced HVAC in Central and East Wings • New Handicap parking signs

Bricks: • New front entrance awning (damaged by tornado winds) • New Main Street Gallery sign • New solar array with better power generation capabilities – coming soon!

New Main Street Gallery sign!

Loft: • Roof repair (damaged by tornado) • Floors replaced • Repainted break room walls • NEW RESTAURANT BELOW

Five Points Alley Shops: • OPENING/Official rebranding • Two new shops open • New website page

None of these things could have happened without the hard work of those around us. Thank you to all the construction workers, insurance adjusters, painters, roofers, artists, family, and friends for persevering through early mornings and sleepless nights. Lastly, thank YOU for supporting our mission of helping people realize and grow their business dreams!

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