How to Land a Short Term Office Lease for Your Nashville Startup

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Leasing an office for your startup in Nashville doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s how you can land a short term office lease right where and when you need it. 

Short Term Office Leases: Know Your Options

You’ve started a business – congratulations! Now you’re mulling over your next steps. Chances are you’re thinking about space: where can you set up shop that isn’t your own home or apartment?

Having access to an office space lends legitimacy to your operation, affords privacy, and boosts productivity. So, where do you start looking? What should you look for in an office, and how do you even begin to start looking? Don’t worry! There are countless resources available for you, certainly, but finding the right space for you isn’t always simple. Short term leases are an incredible resource for business owners, offering unique flexibility that long term office spaces don’t provide.

What is a Short Term Office Lease?

A short term office lease is typically six months or shorter in duration (but it can be even shorter than that). Some of these leases are offered on a month-to-month basis, which is ideal for many startups – at Center 615, we offer leases at a minimum of six months to start, with the possibility of switching to a monthly option after the initial lease term is up (with at least 30 days notice).

One aspect of a short term lease that makes it more attractive when compared to a long term lease is the flexibility to end your lease without penalty. When you’re running a company – especially a new and growing company – alleviating any pressure points can make a huge difference. Without a long lease, you’re free to make dynamic changes to your business as needed.

What Makes an Office Space Right For You?

Once you’re set on a short term office lease, you can move on to your next concern: location. Location plays a pivotal role in managing your business, and finding a good space in a central location is huge. You have to consider your employees’ needs when choosing an office space, alongside your own needs. It’s important to make sure that nobody has a commute that’s too long, as this can negatively impact morale and productivity. 

Access to everything that keeps your business running is critical, too – from internet access to parking, it can all get a little overwhelming. Is parking included in your lease? Is the office conveniently located for public transportation? What kind of tech does the office offer? Working in the 21st century means you’re going to need a connected office space that doesn’t suffer when there’s a lot of network traffic. Are you going to need places to present ideas or host meetings? What sort of equipment do you need to do that effectively? 

Consider your business needs carefully. Do you need to receive mail at the office? Not everyone offers mailboxes in the leases, if at all. How about access issues? If you’re often up burning the midnight oil, is your leased office space open for you at all hours?

There are so many logistical questions that need answering when selecting a space. Finding an office space provider that works with you to give answers and solutions is critical for your startup’s success.

Speaking of your employees’ needs, you need to do your research and determine what amenities they need and whether the space you’re interested in offers them. Things like free coffee and tea might sound frivolous when you’re budgeting, but they’re more important than you think. You want to give your people the best, so consider these small amenities an important foundation for doing just that.

How Do You Secure a Short Term Office Lease?

No one likes paperwork, but a signature or two is usually the final step when securing a short term office lease for your startup. There are legal considerations before moving forward. Know the terms of the lease, and have a lawyer review them to make sure that you understand your rights as a tenant. Not every office space provider has your best interest in mind, unfortunately. Don’t forget to check for reviews and ask around about a prospective location, because other people’s experience is invaluable to all aspects of a startup. Tour the location first, and don’t hesitate to ask questions whenever they come up. 

What Does Center 615 Offer?

Center 615 (under its parent company C615) is a centrally located campus of private office space – but that’s not all. We also offer coworking spaces and multiple meeting rooms. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your startup’s needs. 

There are a lot of options when it comes to how much space you need. At Center 615, small offices start at $975 a month and can host teams of two to three people. If your business needs more room to spread out, our more spacious 200-500 square foot midsize offices start at just $1320 a month. These spaces can support teams as large as ten. And whether you’re already in need of even more room or just planning to grow, our large offices can host over 50 people. Our larger office spaces are modular and can be expanded by clustering multiple suites together as needed.  

We offer plenty of necessary tools to support your business as it grows, with dedicated mailbox and package delivery provisions and Google Fiber internet. Don’t worry about forgetting your laptop in the office on the weekend! Members can access their space 24/7. We are staffed Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, so support during traditional work hours is never far away.

Your office space rental includes a wide variety of amenities and perks, so let’s break down a few things you can expect if you come and work with us. 

Looking for cool benefits for your employees? How about a meditation space that doubles as a nap room? We’ve got that! Center 615 also has a fitness room with showers on site, so you can get in a workout without ever leaving work. We’re also a dog-friendly campus, meaning any day is “take your dog to work day,” if that’s your thing. Indoor and outdoor common areas also provide your employees a place to chat, network, and chill. We go to great lengths to provide you with a unique space, so don’t expect a lot of beige and windowless hallways.

If you’re ready to get started with a provider that cares about you as much as you care for your people, look no further than Center 615. Schedule a tour today, and we’d be happy to show you your new startup space!

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