What Does the Remote Work Landscape Look Like in 2023?

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Remote work is nothing new, but with each passing year the industry undergoes some substantial changes. As technology advances, so too does the nature of remote work. Here are some things that are poised to change in 2023 for remote workers around the world. 

Things That Will Change for Remote Workers in 2023

A Big Shift from 2020

Remember 2020? As we near three years of living with COVID-19, the drastic changes to the workplace that sprung from the disease are still with us. Chances are, without the coronavirus, the mass-scale adoption of remote working as a standard business practice would not have happened at all. But here we are, several years after many of our offices shuttered with a huge “TBD” for a return date. 

Many of us have remained working remotely 100%, and others have been able to return to the office now that vaccination rates are high. Regardless of where you stand in your particular position, it’s looking like remote work is here to stay. Many studies have found remote work to be beneficial to productivity and a company’s bottom line. Fewer office buildings to manage mean lower costs for employers hiring a remote workforce.

And it’s not just employers who benefited from remote work – employees also found some huge perks in working from home. From time saved on commutes and gas money back in our pockets, to finding a more flexible, productive schedule, many remote workers can’t picture heading back to the office full-time. Many millennials and other younger people in the workforce look for remote work and prioritize positions that offer that flexibility, some even valuing it over higher salaried, fully in-person roles. 

But what lessons have we learned from the last 3 years of remote work? Let’s explore some of the remote work trends in 2023 that we can look forward to. 

Hybrid Flexibility

Now that many workers have tasted the freedom and creativity that remote work can foster, a return to the office seems harder than ever. But many employers do expect and foster collaboration, something that is made simpler by working in the same physical space with others. Let’s face it, Zoom can never quite match the dynamic space some meeting rooms can provide for getting work done together. According to many surveys, roles with at least some remote work flexibility are highly important to prospective employees in their job search. But when fully remote isn’t an option, there is the hybrid option. 

Hybrid work was perhaps more popular before the pandemic, but with things back to a new normal, that hybrid workforce is looking better than ever. It’s a safe bet to expect more hybrid work in 2023, with remote work still being a huge selling point for many employers and employees alike. Hybrid work is beneficial for employers and employees for a number of reasons, but many relate to how space can be used. Since your entire workforce isn’t in the office at the same time, employees have more space to work, and a quieter setting to focus in than some of our at-home scenarios. We all love our pets and families, but sometimes working from home is anything but a quiet, private experience. A hybrid work schedule can be flexible like a fully remote schedule too, and with some change breaking up the monotony of your week, you may find commuting some days and getting out of the house to be an invigorating experience. 

Bringing the Office Home

If you work for a company that’s always pushing the envelope and investing in cutting-edge business technology, you might already know about what virtual reality can offer a remote workforce. While these might not be the remote work tips you were expecting, they’re important nonetheless so you know what you can expect in the near future. 

Virtual and mixed-reality headsets are enabling people all around the world to experience a new way to interact remotely, and those interactions have, of course, extended to the workforce. Companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Apple are all developing virtual reality headsets with individuals and businesses in mind, and some companies have already begun to adopt VR tech as part of their remote work landscapes. Imagine a virtual workstation, complete with a physical keyboard and mouse, that you can make look and feel any way you want. Transforming your bland home office into a seaside dream job is totally achievable with VR. Write notes to yourself on a virtual whiteboard that’s really your wall, or get that multi-tasking dream desk you’ve always dreamed of with 8 virtual monitors and stock tickers. Reduce the amount of space that your work takes up in your home, all while growing your virtual office in size and scope.

If the concept of VR office space sounds a bit strange, you aren’t alone. But chances are you’ve experienced some sort of virtual or mixed-reality technology already—Snapchat filters, QR codes, and games like Pokemon Go all use this concept to merge the virtual and real worlds. From virtual in-person meetings to fun work retreats all hosted in the metaverse, expect virtual reality in your remote work future. Technology has improved greatly in the last few years, and 2023 seems to be ushering in a new era of virtual and mixed-reality consumer and commercial products. Don’t expect things to move quicker than you can handle, however. Employers who have adopted virtual reality technology are making the changes slowly, and with their employees in mind. 

Center 615 Can Help Shape Your Remote Work Landscape

With the rise in popularity of remote work, coworking spaces have become more common. A coworking space is an office or campus of offices that allows individuals to rent offices or access common areas for performing their work. In Nashville, Center 615 stepped up to play host to the city’s many remote workers. If you’re looking for in-person collaboration, or just a chance to get out of your home and can’t work another day in a noisy coffee shop, a coworking space is for you. 

Drifter desks start at just $300 per month, with no contract or long-term commitment. With a drifter desk, you get to set up shop someplace new every day in our spacious coworking space. If you’re looking to try things out, a day pass is just $25 dollars and enables you to familiarize yourself with the space and get a chance to see what Center 615 has to offer.

If you’re looking to experience remote work in a new way in 2023, Center 615 has meeting rooms, offices, and coworking space ready for you and your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and schedule your tour.

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