Too Isolated, Too Noisy, or Just Right? Where Do You Work Best?

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Your work environment can inform your productivity and satisfaction with your job, so it’s very important to determine what workplace scenario is best for you. From the lone wolf approach to the outspoken collaborative workspace, let’s look into the advantages of each so you can figure out exactly where you belong. 

How to Know Where You Work Best

Exploring Quiet Workspaces

There are a lot of ways to work in relative isolation, no matter your circumstances. Remote workspaces are most closely associated with isolation, and for good reason. As a remote worker or freelancer working from home, you’re physically cut off from your coworkers. This change came as an abrupt shock to a huge percentage of the workforce in 2020 as offices closed due to the pandemic. If you experienced this sudden transition from office work to remote work, chances are you know how it suits you. 

What are some of the biggest benefits of working in relative isolation? Many people report that their efficiency increases when working alone because they can concentrate much better and focus on work. Fewer distractions mean greater productivity. Another benefit of working alone is the reduction in potential conflict. While most offices aren’t full of epic rivalries and monstrous coworkers, conflict can happen in a traditional office space. When you’re alone working from home, you don’t need to deal with someone clicking their pen or stealing from the break room fridge. Another major benefit of working alone is the higher degree of self-satisfaction that achieving your goals can bring. When you work alone, you often see less oversight from managers or coworkers, and you can be more confident that your success is due to your own accomplishments. The last main benefit of working from home is the potential for a better work-life balance. Eliminating your commute can save you money on gas and give you more time at home for yourself.

There are plenty of downsides to working alone, however, and we’d be remiss not to mention them. While your work-life balance can benefit from working from home, others find it actually makes it harder to separate work from your home life. Some people have a hard time getting away from their computer when the day is supposed to end, and they actually end up working more than they’d work in an office environment. There’s such a thing as too much peace and quiet too, and you can start to go stir crazy sitting at home working week after week. For some people, working alongside others can improve their productivity, as a shared environment motivates some to work harder and reduce distractions. Psychologically, working alone can feel isolated and disconnected from others. Teams or Slack can only do so much to get you together with your coworkers, and many miss that camaraderie. 

Busy and Collaborative Workspaces

Working alongside others has been the standard office procedure for decades, and for good reason. There are numerous ticks in the pro column for working in a collaborative space, so let’s explore some. Offices are great for social butterflies and introverts alike because they put us all together, working toward a common goal. Having that sense of teamwork can greatly boost productivity and make it much easier to solve complex problems. Ever try to work something complicated out over Zoom only to have it take hours? Oftentimes, in-person meetings are much shorter because of the benefits of talking in a physical space. Many people who work in a coworking space or office find that their creativity is improved by looking at how others solve their problems. It’s much easier to figure things out when you can watch someone work or have them explain a difficult scenario face-to-face. In-person meetings are usually more productive too, and Center 615 has eight unique conference rooms for you and your team to use.

But much like working alone, collaborative work can have its downsides. Noise and distractions can pile up in a coworking space, as everyone works at their own pace. Some people might be more social than others, and conversations can quickly get a bit too loud. In a collaborative environment, conflicts can arise more readily when people are sharing space. Commute time can add up for people who don’t live close to their work, and spending even 20 minutes in bad traffic is enough to sour a good mood. 

How Do You Work Best?

What type of environment do you work best in? It’s important to note that your personality is just as important to the nature of your work in determining your optimal office workspace. While these discussions of what works best for you are important, we understand you don’t always get to choose where and how you work. Creating a productive work atmosphere no matter where you are located is possible with some ingenuity and effort. If collaboration better suits you but you’re stuck at home in a remote position, why not work with us at Center 615? Maybe you didn’t realize there was a work space near you that fit the bill, but rest assured we’ve got you covered. Coworking in the heart of Nashville is great for extroverts and introverts alike, as our campus is large and accommodates many people at once with phone booths, meeting rooms, private offices and a spacious courtyard (we are a coworking space but also have 92 private offices options for people that need a quiet space to work). We have plenty of people who call C615 their office away from home, and we’re proud to support their needs. Whether you need a quiet place or miss the chatter of an office, you can find that at C615. Unlike a coffee shop, C615 is first and foremost about getting work done, so you can expect productive vibes. Miss the coffee shop? Well, we offer complimentary local coffee and tea to our clients each and every day. If you’re in need of collaborative workspaces near you, you’re in luck. Center 615 can offer you the exact kind of high-energy environment that you’re missing.

No matter what you need, a coworking space like Center 615 should be on your shortlist for a work environment. If you’re ready to learn why working with C615 is going to change your career for the better, call us or schedule a tour online today.

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