Why a Coworking Space Is Perfect for Any Startup Strategy

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A startup is a testament to ingenuity and drive, where people can make incredible things happen with very little. One such commodity that’s in short supply for many startup strategies is physical space. Here’s why a coworking space is perfect for a startup and the many reasons why it should be your first choice as you grow your business. 

What to Know About Coworking Space for Startups

What Is a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces have been around for some time now, but their popularity has really risen in the digital age where freelancing and remote work have become the norm. A coworking space is an open concept office where people can rent desks or space on a monthly basis in order to have a home base for their work. If working from home isn’t physically possible or you just prefer to work alongside others, a coworking space is the perfect option for you. For startups, coworking spaces are the simplest and most affordable way to get everyone in the same physical space. Working with people in the same place, even if you’re not actually working for the same company, helps inspire productivity and breeds collaboration. These are two incredibly important core values of any startup, so it’s only natural that a coworking space is a perfect fit for a new business. There are countless benefits of coworking spaces for a startup. Let’s explore some right now. 

Start on the Right Foot

Why is coworking beneficial for new businesses? Let’s start with the simplest reason that coworking is right for a startup: money. Renting traditional office space just isn’t in the cards for many new businesses because it’s just too expensive. Making sure you have the space for your whole team, no matter how small, is stressful and logistically complex. Renting office space in an office park or office building is full of hidden costs and complicated contracts. In many scenarios, it also takes a while to finalize a deal, costing you time as you wait for leases to begin or end or while zoning, construction, painting, and other preparations are made. When you start with a coworking space, you can just get started. Usually that day! And when you add more people to your team, getting them added to the roster is as simple as it was for you. 

Besides the ease of starting up your startup, a coworking space also handles a great deal of the logistics for you. Internet and other utilities are handled by the space and are included in your rent, so you’re never worrying about wifi or keeping the lights on. In terms of access, most coworking spaces have fairly extensive hours of operation because any good provider of space recognizes that work can happen at any time. Inspiration strikes at odd hours sometimes, and you can’t be let down by your space when it does. Many coworking spaces offer other services that you may need but might not even think of. What happens when you need to receive packages or require notary services? The best coworking spaces will have the infrastructure to support these needs onsite and efficiently. 

Networking and interfacing with other local business owners is incredibly easy when you’re in a coworking space too. A good coworking space acts like an incubator for businesses to collaborate and grow, using the resources the others provide to develop and grow their business strategy. Imagine how much easier it would be to get work done with a contractor if you shared the same physical space! This is the reality of many coworking spaces, where valuable connections can be made that can lead to fruitful collaboration. 

Many coworking spaces also have office space for rent, meaning that when you do have the funds to expand and go private with your workforce, you don’t need to move far. Growing is a natural part of a thriving business, so don’t stress about expanding. Expansion should be your goal, not a worry. 

How Center 615 Can Help

If you’re thinking: “I’m not sure there’s even a coworking space near me,” we have good news. Center 615 is a coworking space serving the Nashville area, with a variety of amenities and a business ethic that’s focused on encouraging creativity and collaboration. With coworking space rental starting at $300 per month, your budget won’t suffer as you launch your startup. And if you need to find meeting rooms for video conferences, new client meetings, interviews, or whatever else, Center 615 has eight unique meeting rooms. When you are renting coworking space, you get three free hours of meeting room use per month. While these aren’t all of the amenities Center 615 has to offer (there are nap rooms and more), they are the most relevant to startups. A coworking space is perfect for any startup strategy, and it’s our sincere belief that Center 615 provides the best services for startups, freelancers, and self-employed folks alike. 

If you’re developing your startup strategy and the logistical concerns are piling up, don’t freak out. Coworking spaces like Center 615 are well-equipped and ready to help you along your startup journey, from humble beginnings to astronomical growth. Let us show you what we’ve got, and let’s see what you can do. Give us a call today to schedule a tour so you can see all Center 615 has to offer your new business.

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