5 Amenities Every Law Office Should Have at the Ready

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A law office has to offer a lot for the clients that it serves, but it also needs to provide for the people working there each day. Making sure that your law office provides the best amenities for your staff is a great way to boost morale and ensure that people like what they do. Let’s take a look at some of the amenities every law office should have at the ready and how they guarantee the best results for your customers and staff. 

Five Amenities Every Law Office Should Have

1. Infrastructure

When it comes to providing clients with your best possible work, you need to make sure that your office is operating like a well-oiled machine. Wifi dead spots, inconsistent internet speeds, lackluster presentation equipment, and other common office failures can greatly reduce company morale. Poor infrastructure can also lead to issues with client satisfaction, because a law office needs to be at the ready at any time. Speaking of readiness, making sure your office has 24/7 availability for your staff and clients is important. When renting an office space, make sure that the infrastructural concerns that you have are met and exceeded. Don’t overlook things like the number of restrooms available or the availability of wired ethernet connections for internet stability. Everything needs to be working right in a law office, but you don’t need to stress over it. Working with a coworking space with office space for lease is a great way to make sure you give your staff what they need and not have to worry about it each and every day. Because the coworking space is responsible for many of the logistical amenities outlined, like wifi, security, and meeting rooms, your attention can be focused on more important day-to-day legal concerns. 

Meeting rooms are indispensable for legal professionals because they provide a high level of privacy for mediation and other sensitive meetings. At Center 615, coworkers get 3 hours of free access to these rooms per month. For people leasing office space, that free office space use is unlimited. 

2. Creature Comforts

An office, legal or otherwise, should be a comfortable place for your staff and clients. Providing amenities that give your people peace of mind allows them to put their best foot forward. And these amenities don’t need to be complex! Free coffee and tea in the break rooms are easy and cost effective options for helping morale and making sure your employees feel provided for. Break rooms themselves are important in establishing a welcoming environment, and unfortunately, there is such a thing as a bad break room. Things as simple as decor in common areas go a long way to make sure that a space feels cozy and restful. Your people need to have the ability to decompress and gather, and a break room is the perfect arena for that. 

Office life, especially in the legal field, can get pretty stressful. Sometimes a break room isn’t enough when it comes to providing people with places to relax or unwind. Nap and meditation rooms are certainly not the most common office amenities, but they are shown to increase morale and productivity. When people have a space that’s dedicated to their needs, they are better mentally equipped to perform their jobs. Simply knowing you have that space at the ready and never even using it can help relieve stress. 

3. Notary Services

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, how can I make my law office more efficient? you’re on the right course for nailing the amenities your people need. So, what are the things that you might have overlooked when looking for office amenities in the past? When you run a law office day to day, there are moments when you realize there are things you completely overlooked. But that doesn’t have to be a common occurrence, and here are some of the supportive elements of offices you might be overlooking. In a law office, one of the most indispensable services is a notary, but they don’t exactly grow on trees. Many coworking spaces offer notary services for their clients, and having a notary on-site makes things run so much more smoothly. With a notary, your countless legal documents can move on to the next stages that much quicker. 

4. Printers

On the subject of documentation, you’re no doubt up to your neck in paperwork. While documents are going paperless, there are still many forms and agreements that call for wet signatures and paper copies. That’s where having printing services on-site becomes indispensable. Don’t stress over small office printers that always seem to break or run out of ink. Finding an office space with included printer services means you won’t need to concern yourself with toner and reams of paper. Let the office provider handle that! 

5. Mail Services

When you’re dealing with so many signatures, you’re also receiving a great deal of mail. When you rent office space, make sure that you’re getting mail and package reception services included in your lease. Not every office space has the infrastructure and people in place to receive mail on a larger scale, but chances are paper mail is still critical for your legal practice. Whether or not it’s crossed your mind before, don’t overlook the importance of mail services in a prospective office for lease

The Center 615 Difference

Whether you’ve rented office space before or not, if you’re googling “office space near me,” you need a bit of help, right? Fortunately, Center 615 has been providing Nashville businesses with office space for over a decade. Whether you have a million questions or just need to experience a coworking space firsthand, we are prepared to help you in your search. Chances are, we can find a great fit for your law office on our large campus. Our rates begin at just $975 per month for small offices, and we can accommodate teams exceeding 50 people. All of the amenities that we’ve outlined above are available at Center 615, because we have invested a lot of time and research into ensuring we provide our clients with every possible amenity they may need. Center 615 is also conveniently located near the Nashville Municipal Courthouse. At just about 5 minutes apart, the drive or bus ride between the office and where you need to be is short and easy.

If you’re ready to take the plunge with Center 615 and rent an office with us, or if you want to take a tour of the campus, don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer free tours and are more than willing to work with you to make sure your legal practice has the excellent space it deserves. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or to schedule a tour today.

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