Center 615 Has Won the First-Ever CESAR® Workplace Grant!

It’s important to have a workspace that’s comfortable for everyone, including our furry friends. Center 615 has won the first-ever CESAR® Workplace Grant, and we’re excited to share what that means for our employees, you and your dog(s)!

The Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Workplace

In the wake of the worst of COVID-19, many people are finding the return to “office life” challenging. Remote work was great for many reasons, and for dog owners, that extra time spent with their companion was chief among them. 

Now that many people have returned to the office, their pets can’t always come back with them. At Center 615, that’s not the case. In our coworking space and rented offices, you and our staff can bring your dog to work! Offering a pet-friendly workplace is important to us because we know it’s hard missing your four-legged friends while you’re at work. Studies have shown that people are much happier working in the office when they can bring their dog, and the smiling faces around the Center 615 campus are proof of that. Dogs reduce stress and boost morale. If you’re looking to rent office space from Center 615 for your business, dog-friendly postings attract top talent. People who want to take their dogs to work with them will often skip out on applications that aren’t remote or don’t let them bring their pets into the workplace. If you struggle with your work-life balance in a traditional office space, having your dog with you can be the thing that makes it all work. Get work done with the peace of mind that your dog is right by your side. We know our staff sure enjoys it! Don’t worry about whether he’s happy at home or tearing up your new throw pillows. 

Dogs benefit our mental health, and their presence can make work feel more enjoyable; but this isn’t the only benefit of having your pet at work. Getting up and taking regular breaks is proven to enhance productivity, but many of us struggle with finding the right moment to get up and get moving. With your dog, you’re going to need to take some bathroom breaks, which gives you both exercise and the necessary break to recharge your brain and spark creativity. Many people also need to put their dogs in doggy daycare during the workday, and being able to bring them to the office can reduce your expenses, helping you to save money. And if you’re worried that they’re going to lose the socialization that pet sitting or daycare provides, don’t panic! There are many dogs that visit and spend their days with the C615 employees and folks who call Center 615 their office. Center 615 is Nashville’s premier dog-friendly coworking space, and we’re excited to expand our offerings with the grant we’ve recently received from CESAR®. 

Amenities for You and Your Pet

You might be wondering: what kind of company allows employees to bring their dogs to work? Center 615 is the kind of company to do just that. Since our inception, providing a comfortable workplace for Nashville has been our focus, and our pet inclusion is a huge part of that. We have tons of amenities for our clients and their furry friends, so let’s review a few things you can expect if you start working with us at C615. We know we aren’t the only coworking space near you. Nashville has a variety of spaces, but we believe no other boasts all the special perks that we do. Located in the heart of Nashville’s Five Points neighborhood, C615 is smack dab in the middle of a bustling community full of walkable streets, dog-friendly small businesses, and excellent eateries. What this means for you and your pet is high-quality walks on your lunch break. Inside the office, you can expect a number of great amenities, from common areas full of perks, like coffee and tea, to free meeting room access in one of our eight unique conference rooms. With the grant we recently received, we’re excited to improve and add onto our existing pet-friendly amenities. Here’s exactly what you can expect from this exciting partnership in the coming weeks and months at C615. 

About the CESAR® Workplace Grant 

So what exactly does the CESAR® Workplace Grant do for Center 615 and its employees? Since we already have a pet-friendly workplace, we have many amenities that help our current employees take their dogs to work with them. We’re able to expand these pet amenities further and explore new ways to make our coworking space the best place to work with your dog in Nashville. Center 615 shares this grant with some of the best coworking spaces and offices in the country. We don’t take this honor lightly, and we endeavor to honor the spirit of the grant with our improvements to the campus. In addition to providing dog waste cleanup bags and stations throughout the campus, we’re also delighted to provide company-branded dog accessories to our furry coworkers. With every step that Center 615 takes toward harboring a comfortable working environment for your dog, we’re closer to our goal of providing a workspace that’s perfect for anyone in Nashville. 

In addition to the financial support from the CESAR® Workplace Grant, we’re also getting indispensable resources from the company for integrating pets into the workplace in the form of pet behavior training and consultation from the Civic Design Center on pet-friendly workplace design and architecture. This grant is an excellent way for us to continue our mission of being the best coworking space in Nashville by allowing our clients access to all the comforts that matter most to them while they’re getting work done. 

A Big Win for You and Your Pets!Pet-friendly workspaces are huge assets to employees and employers alike, whether you’re looking to lease office space with us or join our coworking community. Receiving this honor isn’t about us; it’s about continuing to deliver an accommodating work setting for you and your furry companions! Schedule a tour of our coworking space today, and see why Center 615 is the perfect place in Nashville for you and your dog.

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