How to Find the Right Production Space for Rent for Your Next Photo or Video Shoot

Large production space with a garage door opening.

A production space is a critical part of photography and video shoots, but finding the right space for rent can be challenging. Here’s what you should look for when renting production space for your next photo or video shoot. 

What to Look for When Renting a Production Space

Why You Need to Rent a Production Space

A lot of creative people can work magic even in less than ideal settings. Great photographers can turn a windowless bedroom into a picture perfect enchanted forest with enough elbow grease, but that’s so much work! Productions need to work quickly, and time is not always on your side. A production space for rent can be very helpful for a project, no matter how hands-on you need to be. 

When you rent a production space for a video or photo shoot, you’re taking a lot of pressure off of yourself. Don’t worry about how you’re going to fit all your equipment up the narrow stairs to your apartment. Production spaces exist for a reason: convenience. Consider the logistical aspects of doing a shoot with any number of people. Do you have enough room for everyone? Is there available green room space for your subjects? Is there parking for everyone who’s going to be working at the shoot? These logistical concerns shouldn’t have to take up all your time when planning a shoot. By finding a good photo studio space for rent, you unburden yourself of a great deal of pressure that you just don’t need. Even the most seasoned veteran photographers can crack under organizing high-pressure shoots, and there’s no reason for that to happen to you. 

Creatively speaking, production spaces are also designed with lighting in mind. A well lit space can make the difference between a shoot that’s passable and a shoot that’s memorable. Not having to lug all your lighting equipment to and from a studio is also a huge benefit. Many studios have extensive lighting solutions set up, with natural light incorporated alongside artificial lighting. When renting a studio space for a shoot, you’ll also have the opportunity to network and meet with other creators in common areas of the studio. Many photography and video studios are operated by people with a high level of experience in lighting and photography, so you’ve also got the added benefit of expert help when renting. 

How to Find the Right Production Space for Your Next Project

When you’re looking for a video production studio for rent, what exactly are you looking for? There are fortunately many places that offer production space rental, but not every place is going to be of the same quality. And don’t let price fool you either—just because something’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s not right for you. Whether you’ve done a hundred shoots or just a handful, you need to take stock of your unique needs for this shoot you’re scheduling. Do you need a lot of lighting that you don’t have? Do you need natural light or is artificial light enough? Do you have talent that will need a green room to prepare for the shoot? A good production space can adapt to your needs, but it can’t read your mind. 

With your specific needs in mind, it’s time to start the hunt for a photo studio for rent. Here’s a good starter tip for the search: any production space worth its salt will have a website and a few photos of their space, as well as examples of their customers’ work. This is an important way for you to get a feel for what the space can offer before even sending an email or making a call. You should also have a rough estimate of the space you need in mind when looking for a production space rental. A good rule of thumb is to think of your possible maximum number of people in the studio at any given time. If you need room for 15 people to fit comfortably, 500 square feet would not cut it. Fortunately, staff at production spaces can give you a rough estimate of the number of people they can accommodate, as well as maximum legal occupancy because safety is critical.

The amount of equipment that you need can impact the price of a rental. Studios with more included lighting and technical options will usually run more than a space that offers natural light and simpler overhead lighting. Depending on your experience with running a photo shoot and how long you’ve been accruing equipment, your needs might make it cost effective to rent a space with more included equipment. As these technical needs change from shoot to shoot, renting a production space rather than purchasing one can be economically smart. With studio rental, you won’t overpay for space you don’t need, and you’ll only be paying for the space when you need to use it!

Check Out Studio 615

Now that you’ve got the intel on what to look for, you’re probably wondering: are there any photo studios for rent near me? If you’re in the Nashville area, the answer is a resounding yes! Studio 615 is a production space in Nashville that is ready for your next photo or video production shoot. Part of a larger overall coworking and production space, Studio 615 is Nashville’s premier photography production space, with multiple room rental options and great availability. The space boasts modern greenrooms for talent, as well as large open warehouse space. Our studios can host a great deal of people and production equipment, which separates us from some of the smaller, more claustrophobic studios around the city. Whether you have a large production with dozens of people or a more intimate shoot, we’ve got the space to accommodate you. 

Your needs are important, and so is your wallet when it comes to renting production space for your next photo or video shoot. From budget-conscious studios that start at just $100 per hour with ample natural light to our 2,000-square-foot Cyc Studio with a massive LED cyc wall, Studio 615 is prepared for whatever your needs may be. If you’re interested in a tour of our studio or have questions about accommodations, book a tour today.

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