Spotlight on Nashville’s Unique Studio Spaces: Where Creativity Comes to Life

A unique studio space

Did you know that just outside of Nashville, there’s a versatile studio space that can work for large video productions, fashion shows, live concerts, and intimate gatherings of friends and family? Studio 615 is the perfect place to host your creative endeavors, so let’s explore some of what you can expect when you book the space. 

The Space

Studio 615 has over 17,000 square feet of space available for any project or event. Renting studio space in Nashville that’s available and suits your needs can be a daunting prospect. Studio 615 has tons of room for your project, whether indoors or outdoors. With three studios and two event spaces, you can find the right place to boost your creativity and get your project done without the stress or confines of small studio spaces. Studio 615’s smallest production space is perfect for quick photoshoots or video productions that need a lot of sunlight, and it’s still bigger than most rental spaces you’d find around Nashville. 

The Natural Light Studio is 800 square feet of open space with a large garage bay door that can be opened for fresh air and even more light. White concrete walls make it a neutral space that can fit any photography aesthetic or small video production. The space has played host to many photographers and videographers in search of an enclosed space in Nashville with an abundance of natural light. Consider this your perfect Nashville photography studio, with rates starting at $125 an hour. We’re easy on your budget so you can get your creative juices flowing without worrying about finances. Plus, Center 615 members receive a 10% discount at Studio 615.

The next space at Studio 615 is for larger photography projects that are more involved than half-day shoots or small groups. The Photographer’s Playground is over three times as large as the Natural Light Studio, giving your production 1,900 square feet of floor space to work with. In addition to this larger space and great natural light, you also get a green room for wardrobe changes and relaxation between shoots. This large, neutral space has been used for Nashville music video productions and large photography sessions. 

The last production space is our largest. Clocking in at 2,000 square feet, our Cyc Studio has character and open space for video production. Rates here begin at $1,200 for a five-hour rental, which is an excellent value for any creative endeavor that needs this much room. Included in the space is a large green room for talent or production staging, with a private bathroom and shower available as well. Post up for the whole day with ten-hour rentals starting at $1,500 and enjoy all of the amenities the Cyc Studio space can offer your team and talent. As an added bonus, Center 615 members receive 15% off for full-day Cyc Studio use. 

The Tech

So, what do you get out of these production spaces besides the space itself? Each studio comes with some excellent amenities to make your life easier. Each area can be accessed by large, glass-paneled garage doors that allow you to move all your gear easily and efficiently. So, in addition to natural light, these garage doors are a huge piece of practical tech for your studio space. In each studio, we have the infrastructure available for backdrops or other parts of your production, meaning you don’t need to lug around as much equipment yourself. This is great for photographers who need to travel light (since not everyone has a crew or pickup truck).

In addition to Studio 615’s abundant natural light, our studios are equipped with a variety of LED lighting options for your production needs. The Cyc Studio offers the most in the way of unique and interesting gear, starting with the room itself. Named for its massive 30×40 curved wall, our studio has a ton of unique character that can give your production an aesthetic boost. The wall can be lit by customizable LED light arrays, giving you the exact color you need. No need to worry about electricity, either; we have two large 200-amp company switches to power all your cameras and lighting with ease. A large overhead truss in the space also gives you more options for lighting and camera setups. We provide backup expendables for productions, too, so if you run out of gaffer tape or lighting gel, you don’t need to leave the space to get things back on track. 

The People

You don’t need to lease or purchase a studio and put your project into debt before your production or creative endeavor even gets started. Studio space for rent is a much better value proposition for Nashville creatives. At Studio 615, we try to give clients a comprehensive experience that goes above and beyond their needs. Our team at Studio 615 is made up of dedicated production professionals with experience in video and photography, so we know what it takes to keep a production space running smoothly. Nashville is a massive hub of creativity, from music to film productions, and we’re committed to giving our people the best experience so they can continue putting our city on the map. We’ve hosted concerts, music video recordings, and weddings, all in the same multipurpose space. Everything comes down to the people we work with, and we know how important it is to feel comfortable in a production environment. No matter your specific needs or the scale of your project, Studio 615 can be your special place.

Create Something Unique and Memorable at Studio 615

If you’re interested in learning more about Studio 615 and all it can offer, you’re in luck! We offer free tours of the facility to ensure you’re paying for something you can use for your production. A creative studio space is crucial for an excellent product, be it a video, photo session, or something in between. Flex your creative muscles with Studio 615’s unique studios, and reach out today.

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