Small Offices Near Me for Rent: Where to Go When You Outgrow Your Home Office

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As a huge section of the workforce began working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the home office became a major topic of interest and scrutiny. Experts pondered whether remote work was as productive or fulfilling for people as in-office work, while influencers got to work creating work-at-home aesthetics and daily routines. But even though many people have made working from home work for them, not every home office is a perfect place. Many of us struggle to make space, shun distractions, or devote enough resources to make a home office truly effective. So, where can you go when you outgrow your home office?

The right small office might hold the key to your and your business’ problems.

What to Know About Small Office Rentals

When Enough is Enough

Let’s face it: not everyone is cut out for working at home. Whether you struggle to make space, find quiet, or focus on your work, you’re not alone. The home was not designed to accommodate work. Apartments and houses do sometimes provide the space for an office, but merely calling a room your office doesn’t always make it your office. 

Let’s make one thing clear: remote work makes sense for a lot of people, but if you’re someone it doesn’t work for, what are your options? In the not-so-distant past, renting a small office space for one person – or even for a handful of people – was difficult. In many places, a personal office rental was impossible. Fortunately, things have changed for the better in this regard. There are many work spaces created with remote workers, small business owners, and startups in mind. 

So, how do you go about finding office space to lease, and what do you need to know before starting your search? 

What to Look for When Leasing a Small Office

Renting a small office space, whether it’s just for yourself or a small team, doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to negotiate with realtors and find a beige corner office in a massive, soulless office park. Work spaces offer a new way to find and lease small office space. These are businesses centered around work and productivity, not just collecting rent. When looking for a small office rental (especially if it’s just for yourself), you do yourself a disservice by renting in a traditional office setting. Work spaces offer a variety of benefits and modern amenities that stuffy office parks might not care to provide. 

Don’t let the name fool you – work spaces aren’t crowded places with tons of noise and bustle (unless that’s something you want, in which case you might look into a lively coworking space). You can rent private offices within these businesses, complete with things like break rooms, free coffee and tea, mail and package receiving, and so much more!

Inking a Deal

Signing a lease for a small office space doesn’t have to be a scary commitment, either. Don’t let a landlord or realtor sell you on a space with a long, complicated contract or lease agreement. These deals are antiquated and often designed to benefit the property owners more than your business. It’s easy to get stuck in a claustrophobic, windowless office space when you’re renting small. At work spaces, this is less of a problem.

Look for offices that will provide you with a nice place to work. These spaces are a lot more to you than just rooms to grind away, after all. If you’re looking for a short term office lease, the best bet is a work space. Regardless of your office needs, a work space is vastly superior to dreary office complexes. When it comes time to make a deal, trust your gut: people who deal in high-pressure contracts usually don’t have your best interests in mind.

How Center 615 Can Help When You’re Ready to Work Away From Home

Now you know a bit more about what to expect out of the small office rental market. It might not be exactly what you imagined, but we hope it’s better than you hoped. If you’re still wondering, “how do I find a small office rental near me?” and you’re in or around Nashville, TN, we’ve got you covered. 

Center 615 is a work space located just minutes from downtown Nashville that loves to keep things local. We’re committed to fostering a community, not just hosting businesses and freelancers. Center 615 is more than a campus of office buildings: we’re a home away from home for people who have outgrown their home office. We offer modern amenities to our customers, like gigabit fiber internet, nap rooms, workout space, 24/7 keycard access, free parking, and so much more. We also offer flexible short term lease options that give you the freedom to expand or downsize as needed!

This isn’t a place where you go to just work – it’s where you’ll get your best work done. When you rent a small office at Center 615, you have the freedom to grow, with modular spaces designed for expanding workforces. Need to add more offices? No problem. The rates at Center 615 for renting small offices are incredibly competitive, too. Options for small offices can support anywhere between a single person to a team of 3, and they start at just $975 a month. With that rent, you get free meeting room access in one of our eight unique conference rooms in addition to a broad range of other amenities. 

So, if you’re tired of working from home, or need room to grow your small business, rent a small office with Center 615! Schedule a tour of Center 615 today, and familiarize yourself with all that we can offer. We promise you won’t miss your home office.

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