How Much Work Space Does a Real Estate Operation Require?

Real estate work space.

Real estate is a fast-paced and dynamic industry that guarantees no two workdays will be the same. With a growing demand for homes and rentals that shows little sign of slowing down, how can you make sure your real estate operation has enough space to flourish?

What to Know About Work Spaces for Real Estate Operations

Real Estate Office Musts

With a lot of the workforce pivoting to remote work, you might be wondering why a dedicated office space is even necessary for real estate agents. Sure, much of the client-facing work you do is done in person at the home, apartment, or commercial space you’re selling, but that’s not all an agent does. There are many important things that happen behind the scenes, and having an office where your employees can collaborate in the same space is important. 

There are many moving parts when it comes to operating a real estate office, and there are different tasks that all contribute to a single sale. Too many people need to work together in real estate to have a fully remote workforce. Hybrid options definitely work better for real estate agents, but having a central location is more than just a traditional way of doing things. There are a number of practical reasons for having an office, from easier collaboration and higher productivity to private meeting rooms and spaces for internal meetings and meeting with clients. 

So what do you need from your real estate office? Real estate offices are similar to any office in terms of the amenities needed. You’re going to want a place that’s centrally located so that your employees and clients aren’t traveling too far. Free and easy parking is a huge plus for employee satisfaction and ease of access for your clientele. Additionally, you want to provide your employees with adequate breakrooms and the amenities included within them, like free coffee and tea, as well as bathrooms and rooms for resting or working out. 

Office space in the 21st century has to do more than ever, and realtors are no strangers to odd hours. Being flexible for your clients is much simpler if your office is always open, so finding a place with 24/7 access is important. In real estate, having an on-site notary is a huge benefit, so it never hurts to look for that option in an office space for lease. When providing amenities for real estate agents and clients, it’s always best to shoot for the moon. The more that you can provide for staff, the better work you’ll get in return. 

How Much Work Space Does a Real Estate Operation Require?

How do you calculate office space needed for a real estate operation? When it comes to finding the right amount of office space for any business endeavor, the equations are all a bit subjective. Does your CEO really need the biggest office? Do most people want a private office? These answers all depend on what you specifically decide for your employees, and consulting them only makes the process simpler. 

Generally speaking, determining the right amount of space comes down to the number of people who will be working in an office. For small teams of 1-3, 100-200 square feet may be all you need to provide enough space without breaking the bank. Everyone works differently, and in real estate, communication is key. If you need more room to ensure conversations don’t overlap, this small office footprint might not cut it. Many studies have found that at least 100 square feet per employee is the best bet. You want to provide people with enough room to spread out and feel a sense of privacy. If you’re going with an office space with multiple hard wall offices within, you’re looking at something closer to 100 or 150 square feet per person. 

Whether these numbers sound like a lot or hardly anything at all depends on how you prefer to work, and that’s important. If you’ve been in the real estate industry for a long time, odds are you know how to best get work done. Did you hate your old office for being so vast, leaving teams and individuals feeling like islands separated by seas of open space? Maybe your home office was so cramped and distracting that all you want is open concept spaces. Different people work differently, so it’s important to find an office that can provide options for everyone. If you’re still wondering: how do I find a real estate office near me in Nashville? Center 615 has you covered. 

Center 615 and Your Real Estate Operation

There are a lot of unique benefits to enjoy when renting office space within a larger coworking space. For one thing, there is more shared space that you don’t need to account for in your actual office. For instance, at Center 615, there are a variety of meeting rooms available to check out for private meetings and presentations. These are separate from your office, but on the same campus. This saves you from actually needing that space reserved in the office space you’re renting. The same goes for break rooms, phone booths, nap and meditation rooms, and spaces to work out. When you rent office space at Center 615, you don’t have to worry about running out of room as you expand either. 

The office space at C615 is modular and easily added to as your staff grows. When you’re operating a real estate office, you might not have much interest in dealing with a local competitor when renting. Fortunately, Center 615 doesn’t pit you against anyone. We deal with our customers directly, uncomplicating the unique situation a real estate operation can find itself in when renting office space. 

All the amenities listed above, like free parking and an on-site notary, are available at Center 615. And that doesn’t even cover what we offer every customer either. Renting office space for a real estate operation in a coworking space offers unique opportunities for collaboration, too. You will have your own private office for staff, but they will have the opportunity to meet other Nashville professionals in the common areas around Center 615. Finding future clients or collaborators in your own office is definitely good for business.

Find the Right Home for Your Real Estate Business

Calculating the exact amount of space a person needs for work is tricky, but it can be done with open communication from management. A coworking space like Center 615 can be the perfect place for a growing real estate operation, and we have plenty of affordable options that all include our great and constantly improving amenities. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a tour of the Center 615 campus, give us a call today.

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