The Goldilocks Zone: Is a Midsize Office Just Right for Your Growing Company?

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If you’re in the market for renting a midsize office for your startup or small business, you might be having trouble settling on what you need. You’re planning to grow, so you can’t start too small, but you also need to manage expectations to keep your costs low and prevent the office from feeling like a vast, empty space. Here’s how you can find the right office to accommodate growth without breaking the bank. 

How to Find the Right Size Office

The Office Search

Finding that office space that’s just right for your growing company can be harder than it sounds. You’d like to focus on the important things—like your actual business—and not the logistics of where you conduct your business, but that’s easier said than done in this complex office rental environment. Fortunately, there are coworking companies ready to help you out by providing office space for lease that’s both affordable and accommodating. Finding a space like this doesn’t have to be a challenge, but in the current market, you’re going to be shown countless beige office parks that are either out of the way or something of a ghost town. This is where a coworking space greatly differs from traditional office space. Coworking spaces have been around for quite a few years, but they’ve been seeing steady growth since the COVID-19 pandemic pushed a large section of the workforce to remote work. 

Why lease a small office space for your growing company at all? Every new company experiences growing pains. Your home may have worked when it was just you getting your dream off the ground, but that’s not the case anymore. As you hire people and grow your client base, you’re feeling the need for more space, and the proper space at that. An office setting is a good place to get work done, and having all of your staff onsite helps with productivity and morale. It’s also an easy way to take some of the burden of responsibility off of yourself. 

The Midsize Office, Coworking Spaces, and Your Company

At Center 615, we aren’t going to run your company for you, but we do provide free parking for employees and guests, high-speed fiber internet, eight unique meeting rooms, break rooms, and even nap/meditation and exercise spaces for employees. These aren’t even all of our amenities, but they are some of the highlights you should expect from our bustling downtown Nashville campus. As we are a coworking space, creative energy is always flowing, and we play host to a variety of Nashville small businesses. Brainstorm, collaborate, and get things done to better the community and the world abroad by working together at Center 615. That’s not to say you won’t have your privacy, however. 

Odds are you’re starting small but feel like you’re going big places. When you’re looking into a small office rental, you might worry about outgrowing it before your lease is up. When you check out small offices for rent in the Nashville area, don’t get stuck in a loop with realtors and landlords who throw cryptic office contracts your way. Focus on your business and avoid the drama that comes with traditional office leases. You don’t need another headache when the plumbing backs up in the bathroom and your landlord reminds you that you’re responsible for half the repair costs. Fortunately, Center 615 is a coworking space with a small office space for rent near you that understands your concerns. 

On our main campus, we have offices anywhere from 100 square feet to 2700 square feet, meaning you have plenty of options. Most of our office space is modular, meaning you can add or subtract space if business changes. There is no penalty to add or subtract, and you don’t need to wait for your lease to be up before making the change. We find that this option is very helpful for small business owners’ peace of mind, and it’s smart business for us! Many traditional office spaces have restrictive leases, impersonal or absent landlords, and hidden fees designed to take advantage of your company’s success. Here, we want to see you flourish, so we provide a great experience from start to finish. Simply let us know how many people you’re looking to have onsite, and we can set you up with a space that’ll work for you. When working at Center 615, your staff will have keycards that grant 24/7 access to your office space. Not every office park can offer that, with security limitations keeping them from remaining open at all times. If you’re in the market for an office for lease in Nashville, keep Center 615 in mind. 

Is This Midsize Office Just Right?

Center 615 offers small office rentals starting at $975 per month, with an easily understood contract and lease agreement designed to make things simple. For teams as large as two people, $975 gets you a 100 sq/ft office space with modern design sensibilities and 24/7 keycard access. If you start small but dream big, our modular system makes it easy to expand your footprint and add more office space. Midsize offices are anywhere between 200 and 500 square feet and can host teams as large as ten. These spaces start at $1,320 per month, and just like our small offices, midsize offices can be added to or subtracted from as you go, adapting to your business’ growth. 

Nobody likes wasted space, and we aim to get you into the right office space with no risk of your office feeling empty or too cramped. Large office space can support over 50 employees, making sure that your team has an adequate area. You’re shooting for the moon with your growing company, and Center 615 wants to help you get there! 

Let Center 615 Help You Find the Goldilocks Zone for Your BusinessReady to see what a coworking space can do for your business’ midsize office needs? Give us a call or schedule a tour online with Center 615, and we can show you the space where your business fits right in and can grow naturally.

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