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While this year we are tabling an in-person party to celebrate our loyal members, gifts are always a must!

In 2020, we would like to thank these amazing people for sticking with us for over half a decade.

Celebrating . . .

5 years

Roland T Hairston, II • Joanne Rhoden (Eagle Corporate Apartments) • Marianne Grogan (Coda Ventures)

6 years

Philip Hardin (YouScience)

7 years

Michael Epps Utley (GoEpps, DodgeballSEO) • Shelley Starzyk (Starzyk Law, PLLC) • Lea Johnson, Attorney at Law • Lacey Hartigan (EMT Associates) • Ross Jones (2theTop Web Design & Marketing) • Brian & Barbara Bequette (Sneaky Ninja) • Forrest Hewes & Kenneth Troope (Community Mortgage) • Jackson Miller (Plato’s Closet, ResaleAI) • Jason VanDerMark & Liz Fulghum (Washtopia) • Mitchell E. Chessman • Amber Kaset (AK Investigations)

9 years!!

Cabot & Angelia Cameron (Druid Tree Service) • Randall Gilberd (Washtopia)


These members have been on quite the journey growing their business and growing with us. In addition to shot glasses, Belle Meade bourbon, and Hawkers Asian Street Food gift cards, we give an extra dose of gratitude to our loyal members at this time for bearing with us through tornado recovery and pandemic pandemonium. It brings us great joy to see local businesses start small and expand; we also encourage you, reader, to support your favorite local businesses as much as possible, to assist them in their continued growth.


Words from our founder Christian Paro,

“We are so pleased to celebrate and acknowledge seventeen small businesses that have been with Center 615 for 5 or more years! Two of these seventeen were here from day one – the summer of 2011. What’s even more impressive is that these members have opted to renew leases with us even after a devastating tornado and a global pandemic. We are so proud to acknowledge these loyal members of Center 615.”


Take a moment to virtually congratulate these members on their outstanding journey.

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